Working Hard To Clear Your Name And Restore Your Reputation

If a clean college application or employment background is important to you and a documented prior brush with the law has put that goal at risk, you should meet with me to discuss the possibility of a record sealing at the Law Offices of J.B. Katz, P.C.

I have worked hard to achieve new leases on life for many of my Colorado criminal defense and DUI clients. If a record sealing of a previous charge is appropriate and permitted under the law, I can actively pursue it for you.

If such a sealing is successful, you will be within your legal rights to state that a particular arrest never occurred, and police will be required to admit that there is no record. A record sealing or expungement could be your next step toward restoring your reputation and reclaiming your life.

Remove Criminal Records, Reclaim Your Life — Starting Today

A record sealing for your felony or misdemeanor arrest is possible if your case was dismissed before trial; if you were found not guilty at trial; or if you complied with all terms of a deferred sentence. A deferred judgment effectively eliminates a conviction from your record.

Record sealings cannot be obtained after certain criminal convictions, such as domestic violence. This can be stipulated during the deferred sentencing. An expungement is possible only in Colorado juvenile cases and results in the physical destruction of the arrest file. You owe it to yourself and your family to put the past behind you.

How To Find Out What You Can Do To Start Over

To get the second chance you deserve, call my Breckenridge office at 970-368-2321 or send me an email for a free consultation. I will explain what avenues are available to you in your case, and then pursue the appropriate option to help you restore your reputation.