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Drinking and driving: Facts about your blood alcohol levels

Are you being accused of drinking and driving? It's important that you get the chance to defend yourself, and to do that, you need to know everything you can about the laws surrounding drunk driving. With your attorney's help, you can look at your case, your blood alcohol levels, and even how you've been treated, so you can determine the best defensive options.

Your case will heavily rely on your blood alcohol concentration, known as a BAC. Your BAC is measured either with a breathalyzer or with the use of a blood sample. Both may be taken in some cases. The test measures the grams of alcohol per 100 ml of your blood. The U.S. legal limit is 0.08 for anyone over the age of 21, so if you have more than .08 grams of alcohol in your blood sample, that could result in a DUI charge.

How much can you drink before you're intoxicated above the legal limit? That depends on your weight, the type of alcohol you're drinking, and other factors. For instance, a male who has one 350 ml beer and weighs 45 kg, or 99 pounds, may have a BAC of around .04, while the same person drinking three beers would have a BAC of around .11. For a man who weighs 102 kg, or 225 pounds, the same drinks would result in approximate BAC scores of .01 or .04 on average.

Women tend to have alcohol levels rise faster, while anyone drinking on an empty stomach will likely have a higher BAC than someone who eats and drinks.

Source: Drinking and You, "Drunk Driving," accessed March 02, 2016

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