Creative ways to help your guests avoid DUI

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Who doesn’t love a great party? In fact, if you’re like others in Colorado who just recently celebrated the holiday season and New Year, you probably went to (or hosted) a few parties of your own. With Valentine’s Day just around the bend, many people are already working on plans for more romantic celebrations. Fine dining, as well as casual get-togethers, often include alcohol on beverage lists.

There’s nothing unlawful about serving your guests wine or other libations (provided, of course, each person you serve is of legal drinking age.) And just because someone has a drink or two, then drives home, does not necessarily mean he or she has broken the law. Still, problems do sometimes arise if a partygoer has too much drink and gets behind the wheel anyway.

Ways to lower DUI risk

If you’ve invited some of your best friends over for a night of music, good food, conversation and fun, you obviously want them to enjoy themselves and get home safely. The following are a few creative ideas for helping those you care about avoid getting stopped for drunk driving:

· Keep beverages alcohol-free: Not serving any alcohol is the most obvious means for helping your guests avoid DUI upon their returns home; unless, of course, they stop somewhere else for a few drinks after leaving your house, in which case, that’s an entirely different matter.

· Provide food sustenance: The effects of alcohol are somewhat inhibited by food intake; therefore, it’s typically a good idea to serve food along with any alcoholic beverage offered.

· Offer cab service: A creative way to get your guests to take advantage of designated driving is to invite a few people who agree ahead of time to abstain from alcohol and provide taxi services for those who need it.

· Make a last call: Letting guests know there will be no more alcohol served after a certain time (and well before your party ends) helps keep them safe and you away from any possible liability should someone who has been drinking at your home cause an accident that results in injury to another.

These ideas might come in handy whether you’re the party host or hostess, or when you are a guest at another event. If you do attend a gathering where you imbibe in an alcoholic beverage or two, and then law enforcement pulls you over on the way home, don’t panic. Remember your rights and the fact that being charged with DUI does not necessarily mean you’ll be convicted.

By requesting immediate assistance from an experienced defense attorney, you increase your chances of minimizing the potential negative effects of your situation. Much depends on the type of defense presented and whether it is your first offense. Regardless of such details, a skilled attorney is able to determine the best strategies for your particular circumstances.


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