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DUI conviction for Colorado man with lengthy record

From a very young age, people hear that drinking and driving do not mix. Videos are shown in classes about the dangerous situations drunk driving presents as well as the heart-wrenching accounts of families who have lost loved ones due to drunk driving accidents. Though it is always best not to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, occasionally there may be an emergency situation where a driver may feel there is no other choice but to drive even though they are under the influence. No one wants to find oneself facing a possible DUI conviction, but should it occur, preparation and gathering information is a wise first step.

Colorado man suspected of domestic violence, attempted murder

Domestic violence in Colorado and all over the country is a very serious matter. When an argument breaks out or some other trigger causes a partner to become violent, severe injuries could occur along with stern legal consequences. It is important to remember, however, that there are two sides to every story, including those dealing with domestic violence.

Man faces attempted murder charges after Colorado stabbing

Many Colorado residents know the allure of camping is often to have a relaxing vacation in the midst of nature. Getting away from the bustle of the city and back to a serene environment draws the attention of many campers. There are often nature walks and campfires to enjoy, and families see it as a chance for bonding and togetherness. However, when other campers become agitated, a relaxing vacation can become horrifying when there is an alleged attempted murder.

Criminal defense: Did Colorado driver aim a gun at other driver?

Many drivers experience extreme anger, or even road rage, while travelling. The triggers for this frustration can come from heavy traffic, other drivers or even personal issues. While road rage can result in a driver operating a vehicle a little carelessly or using profane language, the frustration and anger can sometimes escalate into a dangerous situation. One Colorado driver is now preparing a criminal defense after his road rage allegedly resulted in his pointing a gun at another driver.

Summit county grand jury to review alleged criminal activity

It is easy to see how this shared work can influence the decisions made in grand jury hearings. Since they are created at the discretion of the local district attorney, members are selected and seated through interviews with that office, and information is provided to them by the DA. That is why it is so crucial that a person who is the focus of a grand jury investigation focus on gaining an understanding of the potential criminal charges involved and what steps may be necessary in order to protect important legal rights.

Colorado man accused of DUI, hit-and-run faces multiple charges

Getting into a car accident inevitably causes stress. For drivers who know they were at fault in the accident, that stress level is certain to be higher. And when illegal activity is a contributing factor, it can be all too tempting to avoid the consequences by driving or running away after the crash. But as one Colorado man is learning, fleeing the scene of an accident only makes things worse.

Colorado DUI punishment standard could become nationwide

From heavy fines to license revocation to an extended stay behind bars, the possible punishments that follow a conviction on drunk driving charges are serious and can potentially follow a person for the rest of their life. Specifically in Colorado, even a first-time offense can warrant a mandatory ignition interlock device being installed in a defendant's future vehicles.

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