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Exploring the benefits of negotiating a plea

If you are charged with a crime in Summit County there are many things that will flow through your mind. You will likely worry about spending time in prison, caring for your family, providing for your family and much more. There are options on the table when faced with criminal charges. One of those options is negotiating a plea deal. Let's explore the benefits of doing so in today's post.

Explaining Colorado criminal traffic charges

The majority of tickets issued by police officers to drivers are minor in nature. They are known as infractions. These infractions often deal with nonmoving violations, mechanical violations and moving violations that are of the nondangerous nature. But, what happens when a driver is issued a criminal traffic ticket with a misdemeanor or more serious charge on it? Let's take a look at those charges in this post.

Explaining diversion programs for criminal offenders

Diversion programs are becoming more common these days in Colorado and beyond for certain criminal offenders and certain crimes. Most people who are eligible for a diversion program are those who are facing a criminal charge for the first time. Let's take a look at diversion programs and how you can avoid a trial, other sentencing and even jail time if you finish one of these programs.

Man arrested for allegedly hiding body after murder

After a man was killed in Colorado, police made numerous arrests. The most recent involved a man in Iowa. The police think that he assisted in hiding the deceased man's body after the killing, though it appears he did not carry out that initial crime himself.

Overturned convictions: Important facts

It is a victory every time a wrongful conviction gets overturned, but it's also heartbreaking because it proves that someone spent time in jail even though they did nothing to deserve it. They may have been behind bars for months, years or even decades. Some never thought they would get out until DNA evidence exonerated them, and they were released.

Are criminal mischief charges in Colorado serious?

Anytime you or a loved one face criminal charges, the matter is serious and in need of a serious approach. Even the most seemingly minor charges can quickly devolve into a legal situation that may affect your life, your freedom and your finances. While criminal mischief sounds like a minor infraction without serious consequences, it still requires your immediate attention accompanied by a solid criminal defense.

Personality traits common to those who commit crimes

When looking at why people commit crimes and what influences them to do so repeatedly, one thing researchers have settled on is that many so-called "career criminals" share specific personality traits. While every individual is unique and the level of contribution from a specific trait differs from one person to the next, these traits do perhaps shed some insight on why people act the way they do.

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