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Prosecutor laments strength of Colorado DUI laws

A 57-year-old man was recently indicted by a grand jury in Colorado on nine charges in relation to an alleged DUI accident in Arapahoe County. The 57-year-old man reportedly has 20 previous citations for alcohol-related convictions and has been convicted 16 times. Most of these convictions took place in Colorado.

Felony charges dropped in Colorado DUI case

When charges are initially brought against a person, they typically stem from the initial reports that authorities draw up. As the investigations continue and trials move forward, those charges could potentially change. For instance, an individual who was initially charged with felony allegations due to involvement in a fatal DUI accident could potentially have those allegations reduced if parties deem it fit.

Man charged with DUI in Colorado after injury-causing accident

When an individual is involved in an accident that results from one vehicle rear-ending another, the damage can vary. If the collision is forceful enough, serious injuries could occur. If a driver involved is suspected of being under the influence at the time of the accident, that driver could face charges for DUI and other serious allegations, which may require swift attention.

Colorado driver taken into custody for DUI after hit and run

Driving under the influence is a mistake that an unfortunate number of individuals make every day. In some cases, these mistakes can result in a serious accident taking place that could involve someone losing their life. However, there could be other circumstances that could contribute to a DUI accident, and authorities should investigate a situation thoroughly before leveling any unnecessary charges against a suspected individual.

Colorado man taken into custody for possible DUI accident

When an individual has an alcohol-related problem, they may not have the ability to make the most sound decisions when it comes to how much they should consume and what activities they should avoid after drinking. As a result, many individuals find themselves facing charges for DUI and other alcohol-related offenses. If a person is taken into custody on such allegations, they may wish to explore reliable information concerning their situation that could potentially help them receive the best outcome.

Colorado prosecutor faces charges for DUI after accident

Being somewhat in the public eye could cause a person to be careful of their actions and could cause an individual to make decisions based on public appearance. When a person makes a mistake that can quickly become public knowledge, such as being charged with DUI, they may take certain actions to lessen a possibly prolonged negative impact. While taking actions to cushion reputations and other appearances may be important to some, it could also be beneficial to take time to explore legal options concerning the charges a person faces.

Could a Colorado drunk driver ask for plea bargain?

As many people have experienced, being taught the notion that consuming alcohol in large quantities can cause people to make bad decisions begins at a young age. However, many people prefer to learn through experience, and they sometimes learn firsthand what mistakes can be made as a result of drinking too much. When that mistake is to drink and drive, there can be very serious consequences which the accused may wish to take responsibility for through a plea bargain.

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