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Posts tagged "allegations"

Man accused of gravesite robberies in Colorado faces charges

On Feb. 12, law enforcement officials apprehended a man whom they believe is responsible for stealing more than 200 bronze headstone vases from Fairmount Cemetery graves. The funeral vases were allegedly worth $30,000.

Mayoral candidate arrested again

A 48-year-old Colorado Springs woman who is running for mayor was detained on Jan. 12. The woman, who was previously arrested and charged with pointing a rifle at a man, was taken into custody this time for assault and violating a protection order.

Colorado man suspected of multiple car thefts taken into custody

Officers with the Loveland Police Department announced that they detained a suspect on Dec. 31 who they believe may be involved in a string of car thefts. Reportedly, the vehicle thefts occurred in Weld, Boulder and Larimer Counties.

Man suspected of domestic violence in Colorado

Being charged with domestic violence is a very serious situation. As a result, an individual who is facing such allegations would likely wish to understand the situation and the options that he or she has. If creating a defense is plausible for an individual facing domestic violence charges, gathering relevant and beneficial evidence could be key in building a meaningful defense that could help his or her case.

Felony assault charges, others leveled against man in Colorado

When an individual is suspected of alleged criminal activity, that person could face serious charges. If that party is accused of potentially harming other individuals, felony assault charges could be among those allegations leveled against the suspect. Should a person be in such a situation, it is important for the correct information regarding his or her case and legal options to be bestowed upon them.

Man charged with sexual assault in Colorado

When individuals are accused of sexual assault, it is important that all the evidence related to the situation is examined. Sexual assault is a very serious offense, and a conviction could lead to severe consequences, including jail time. Therefore, if a person is accused of such a crime, that individual may wish to ensure that they are aware of their legal options and have all of the questions regarding their case answered.

Murder charges stem from alleged drug deal in Colorado

It is always an unfortunate situation when young people are accused of being involved in dangerous or allegedly illegal activities. If these individuals are charged with a serious crime at a young age, their entire lives could be negatively affected. If the charges they face stem from an alleged murder situation, they will likely wish to find out what their legal options are in order to hopefully achieve the best outcome.

Colorado suspects may wish to create assault defense

When a person is charged in relation to alleged criminal activity, their mind may begin to turn as they attempt to fathom the decisions that they will soon need to make. By exploring their options and understanding how their circumstances may affect the routes they take, accused parties may be able to better decide how to move forward. If an individual is facing charges for assault, they may wish to look into creating an assault defense.

Officer arrested for alleged domestic violence in Colorado

Though law enforcement officers are in place to uphold the law, they can at times find themselves facing difficult legal situations of their own. If an officer is faced with domestic violence charges, that individual should still have the ability to defend against such allegations. Though they may already have a working knowledge of the legal proceedings for such a situation, additional information on their options could be helpful.

Colorado men may hope to build criminal defense

When individuals plead not guilty to a crime they have been accused of, they may wish to ensure that they are preparing a meaningful defense. When creating a criminal defense, parties may wish to examine any evidence that the prosecution may have against them, and they may also want to present any relevant evidence that could be beneficial to their case. Being prepared for presenting such a defense could make a considerable difference in a case.

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