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Understanding Colorado domestic violence statutes

In Colorado, police are required by law to take someone into custody if officers respond to a dispute call and then determine that a criminal act has taken place. If the individuals who are involved in the incident are, or were, in a romantic relationship, then the incident may be categorized as domestic violence. The implication of this law is that property crimes such as minor criminal mischief can be considered domestic violence, according to Colorado statutes.

Mayoral candidate arrested again

A 48-year-old Colorado Springs woman who is running for mayor was detained on Jan. 12. The woman, who was previously arrested and charged with pointing a rifle at a man, was taken into custody this time for assault and violating a protection order.

5 Colorado men detained on drug charges

An ongoing investigation resulting in five search warrants led to the detainment of five Colorado men on Sept. 26. The search and seizure following the investigation into methamphetamine distribution throughout Larimer County was headed by the Northern Colorado Drug Task Force. This multi-jurisdictional task force consists of law enforcement personnel from Fort Collins Police Services, Colorado Adult Parole and Loveland's police department. SWAT teams from Weld County, Jefferson County and Fort Collins Police Services also served the warrants.

Facing domestic violence charges in Colorado

Colorado law requires police officers to make an arrest when they respond to a dispute between individuals who are involved romantically or have been at some point in the past. Officers are not permitted to use discretion in these situations even if the people involved were only romantically involved for a brief time.

Man arrested on a drug charge, other allegations in Colorado

Being prepared when faced with a legal situation could significantly help an individual handle their state of affairs. They may first wish to fully understand the implications of the allegations they have been faced with and what the proceedings for those charges could be like. If an individual is arrested on a drug charge, he or she may wish to look into cases regarding such charges that could provide information.

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