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Understanding how DUI traffic stops work

Drunk driving charges can bring a host of significant penalties that can have a severely negative impact on your life. You know that it is important to fight the charges against you, but you may not know where to start. It is always beneficial to understand how DUI traffic stops work in Colorado in order to determine if you experienced a violation of your personal rights.

Heroin addiction can have health and legal impacts

You likely did not plan on becoming a drug addict at any point in your life. From a young age, you may have known that certain substances could have detrimental effects on your body and life overall. Of course, you could have found yourself pressured into trying a substance "just once," turning to drugs after a particularly difficult point in your life or becoming hooked after receiving a prescription.

The pop quiz you definitely don't want to fail

Whether you're currently enrolled in a college or university in Colorado or have already lived through your college experience, you've likely encountered situations where an instructor showed up for class, then issued a surprise quiz of some sort. If you happen to be a person with consistent study habits, this type of situation may not be stressful for you at all; in fact, there are people who thrive on such challenges.

Did you have all bases covered until the identification request?

You may be one of many young adults who attend college in Colorado. You may also be among those who were really glad when state laws changed to make marijuana legal in this state. You figured that since the law included medical and recreational use of the drug, you'd be able to purchase some or use it in a private setting with friends from time to time. You had read about the potential benefits and wanted to experiment.

Two drinks may be fine for you and beyond legal limit for others

Let's say you spent the evening enjoying the company of good friends at one of your favorite local Colorado restaurants. It was one of those places that has televisions hanging throughout the room, which made it easy for you to socialize and follow the NFL game on TV. You were having a great time and decided to order a couple of beers during your meal. You know you have a high tolerance for alcohol, so you didn't really think there would be a problem if you drove home later.

Do I have to give a breath sample?

Police in Colorado utilize chemical and other tests in order to determine if people are driving while impaired. If the police ever pull you over for suspected impairment, you may feel that you have to submit to such testing. The simple truth is, you do not have to supply a breath sample if you do not want to.

The many consequences of a DUI conviction

Maybe you remember one night driving home after a party when you knew you shouldn't have been behind the wheel. In the morning, you may have laughed with friends about the risk you took, and avoiding disaster presented you with a challenge for the next time. If you can do it once, you can do it again.

Hypoglycemic? You may be at risk for false positive BAC results

If a police officer were to pull you over on a Colorado roadway, let's say because he or she claims your car was veering too close to the yellow line in the center of the highway, you may be in for a very long night. Perhaps you were on your way home from a social evening with friends. You knew you'd be driving, so you abstained from alcohol. You might think of the irony of that situation when the officer asks you to step out of your car.

Moodiness and teenagers go hand in hand, and sometimes, drugs

Were you one of many parents in Colorado who couldn't get a teenager out of bed until noon last weekend? You likely didn't make too big of a deal out of it as you recalled your own youth and how sleep was at the top of your list of priorities back then. In fact, it might have stayed at the top of your list had you not become a parent.

You came to Breckenridge for the skiing -- and marijuana

Since Colorado changed its constitution back in 2014 to allow recreational use of marijuana within the state, many vacationers take the opportunity to partake in its use while they are here. For legal adults, this could be the opportunity to see "what all the fuss is about."

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