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Man accused of gravesite robberies in Colorado faces charges

On Feb. 12, law enforcement officials apprehended a man whom they believe is responsible for stealing more than 200 bronze headstone vases from Fairmount Cemetery graves. The funeral vases were allegedly worth $30,000.

Colorado man suspected of multiple car thefts taken into custody

Officers with the Loveland Police Department announced that they detained a suspect on Dec. 31 who they believe may be involved in a string of car thefts. Reportedly, the vehicle thefts occurred in Weld, Boulder and Larimer Counties.

Officials charge woman in Colorado allegedly caught with drugs

On Oct. 16, Colorado Springs police took a woman into custody on multiple criminal charges. According to authorities, police made contact with the woman after they received a call about a group of individuals using illegal narcotics inside parked vehicles in an alleyway near the intersection of Platte Avenue and Circle Drive.

How does adult sentencing work in Colorado?

Colorado residents may benefit from learning more about the state's sentencing laws for adults. While operating within statutory parameters, judges are permitted to use their own discretion when sentencing a defendant. Sentencing laws are often complicated because there may be multiple levels affected by different criteria. In Colorado, six classes constitute the hierarchy of felony offenses.

Colorado pair arrested after shots fired

Police took two individuals into custody on Sept. 6 after shots were allegedly fired. No injuries were reported from the incident or initial altercation. According to reports, police performing a DUI stop nearby responded to the scene after hearing multiple gunshots. The officers were said to have recovered bullet casings from the scene of the initial disturbance at approximately 3:30 a.m. on St. Elmo Court's 1800 block.

Murder charges stem from alleged drug deal in Colorado

It is always an unfortunate situation when young people are accused of being involved in dangerous or allegedly illegal activities. If these individuals are charged with a serious crime at a young age, their entire lives could be negatively affected. If the charges they face stem from an alleged murder situation, they will likely wish to find out what their legal options are in order to hopefully achieve the best outcome.

Plea bargains entered for charges in theft cases in Colorado

When facing legal repercussions, determining the best route to follow for the individual circumstances can make a considerable difference in the ruling of a case. As such, some individuals may find it more suited to their situation to opt for a plea bargain if they have been faced with felony charges for theft or other alleged activities. Taking this route could lead to a lesser sentence or other outcomes that could seem more acceptable to the accused party.

Colorado man wrongfully convicted of murder may get compensation

Being charged with a crime that the accused did not commit can be a harrowing situation. When the innocent person is convicted of the crime, the situation can move from distressing to an almost unreal state. Being convicted of serious crimes such as murder changes a person's entire life in a significantly negative way. Even if the conviction is later overturned, the wrongly accused person could have spent years in jail and missed out on important events in their life.

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