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Criminal defense: Did Colorado driver aim a gun at other driver?

Many drivers experience extreme anger, or even road rage, while travelling. The triggers for this frustration can come from heavy traffic, other drivers or even personal issues. While road rage can result in a driver operating a vehicle a little carelessly or using profane language, the frustration and anger can sometimes escalate into a dangerous situation. One Colorado driver is now preparing a criminal defense after his road rage allegedly resulted in his pointing a gun at another driver.

Summit county grand jury to review alleged criminal activity

It is easy to see how this shared work can influence the decisions made in grand jury hearings. Since they are created at the discretion of the local district attorney, members are selected and seated through interviews with that office, and information is provided to them by the DA. That is why it is so crucial that a person who is the focus of a grand jury investigation focus on gaining an understanding of the potential criminal charges involved and what steps may be necessary in order to protect important legal rights.

Colorado police officer admits to alleged criminal activity

There are certain crimes that can raise more questions as to cause of the alleged activity then others. Although these alleged acts may bring serious potential penalties in the event of a conviction before a Colorado criminal court, this does not mean that the questions surrounding the alleged criminal activity have been answered. In one such case, a police officer with 30 years of service is alleged to have admitted to law enforcement officials that he falsified time cards.

Outdated adultery law to come off the books in Colorado

90 days after the Colorado legislative session adjourns in May the state will likely put a number of new laws into practice. Among those laws will be a repeal of the state's ban on adultery. House Bill 1166 would repeal the state's adultery statute.

Supreme Court considers DNA collection

Last week we discussed a proposed bill in Colorado that would greatly expand the scope of DNA collection in the state. Currently, DNA is only collected from those convicted or arrested on felony charges and it goes into the state's DNA database. But under a new proposed law, people convicted of misdemeanors would also have to provide DNA profiles for the database. This bill points to a larger debate surrounding DNA collection on a national scale.

Colorado may pass country's strictest gun law

2012 was a year of gun violence in the national media and particularly in Colorado. In response, Colorado lawmakers have been working on a package of gun control bills to try and prevent future gun violence in the state. They will have to balance two interests: the safety of Coloradoans and the right to bear arms that we are all afforded under the Second Amendment.

Lawmakers spar over crimes to unborn children

Colorado's lawmakers are considering legislation that would make it illegal to kill or injure a woman's unborn child. Such an offense would probably often be connected to charges of violence against the child's mother, whose injury or death may lead to the child's.

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