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Colorado pair arrested after shots fired

Police took two individuals into custody on Sept. 6 after shots were allegedly fired. No injuries were reported from the incident or initial altercation. According to reports, police performing a DUI stop nearby responded to the scene after hearing multiple gunshots. The officers were said to have recovered bullet casings from the scene of the initial disturbance at approximately 3:30 a.m. on St. Elmo Court's 1800 block.

Elements of burglary in Colorado

In Colorado, prosecutors must prove a number of elements in order to secure a burglary conviction. The absence of any one of the elements means the crime of burglary has not occurred. The Colorado burglary law is similar to the Model Penal Code in that it requires proof of unlawful entry into a building or other occupied structure with criminal intent. Examining the parts of the definition reveals the elements that must be proved.

Colorado men may hope to build criminal defense

When individuals plead not guilty to a crime they have been accused of, they may wish to ensure that they are preparing a meaningful defense. When creating a criminal defense, parties may wish to examine any evidence that the prosecution may have against them, and they may also want to present any relevant evidence that could be beneficial to their case. Being prepared for presenting such a defense could make a considerable difference in a case.

Colorado boy faces murder charge after father found dead

When a minor is charged with a serious crime, many aspects of the case may differ than if the situation involved a legal adult. As a result, a young individual who finds himself facing murder charges may need as much information as he can receive about what he may face during legal proceedings. This knowledge may allow him to make better informed decisions about his case.

Colorado man could face serious criminal charges after chase

When an individual attempts to flee from authorities, a situation can escalate very quickly. Depending on how the individual handles the situation, many serious criminal charges could stem from an event that appears to be out of control. As a result, the party may need to find out more information about how to deal with their pending legal situation.

Colorado man seriously injured after assault with brass knuckles?

Assault is often the result of an argument. Individuals who are unable to control their tempers and resort to assaulting another person may find that the consequences could affect the rest of their lives. Aggravation that develops into assault could soon result in inflicting serious bodily harm and permanent scarring. Of course, it is important to remember not every allegation of assault is based in fact.

Criminal defense: Colorado man claims identical twin involvement

When an individual is accused of being involved in a serious crime, they may wish to explore their options in terms of presenting a defense. Some criminal defense strategies can call for interesting tactics, but these tactics could prove effective and beneficial to a party's case. Depending on the individuals involved and their particular situation, the options they choose to move forward with can vary greatly from other even similar cases.

Colorado man facing charges for murder after women found dead

A Colorado man has been taken into custody after allegedly fatally shooting two women and wounding one man. He is facing charges for murder as well as attempted murder and assault. It is unclear at this time what legal options he may be exploring, but gathering information on criminal proceedings relating to his situation could provide some assistance as his case moves forward.

Colorado teen suspected of murder after fatal stabbing in home

Arguments and altercations can occur for any number of reasons. Furthermore, accounts of such events can differ from person to person, which is one reason it is important that all sides are heard. Should an incident escalate to a physical assault or other situation where authorities may be needed, police should conduct a thorough investigation to ensure that someone does not become unjustly punished for a serious crime, such as murder.

Colorado men wanted on suspicion of alleged criminal activity

The idea of possibly considering a criminal defense can cause anyone to wonder how their life spiraled out of control and, in some cases, at such as young age. Three young Colorado men could be asking themselves that same question as one is currently in custody and the other two are wanted suspects in relation to multiple robberies and other alleged criminal activity. They could be facing very serious charges when they are apprehended, and the man in custody is already facing robbery and attempted murder allegations.

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