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If you have been arrested or charged for drunk driving in Frisco, Colorado, you may be facing hefty fines, license suspension, and jail time. Even if it is your first offense, the decisions you make immediately after your arrest can significantly impact the outcome of your case and the severity of your penalty. Call (970) 453-5533 or send us a message online to arrange a free consultation with a Frisco DUI defense lawyer at J.B. Katz today.

Why Choose J.B. Katz?

  • Our Frisco criminal defense lawyers have over 20 years of experience helping clients facing alcohol-related charges. 
  • With your driving privileges and future on the line, we will do everything in our power to help you avoid harsh penalties. 
  • We dedicate one-on-one personal attention to each case to ensure the strongest legal defense possible. 

DUI Offenses and Penalties

Colorado has some of the toughest DUI laws in the country. Even if you are under the legal limit with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) below .08%, you can still be arrested for driving while ability impaired (DWAI) if it is .05% or higher.

First Offense

A first offense DUI charge is considered a misdemeanor and carries the following penalties:

  • Minimum of 5 days in county jail and up to one year
  • Between $600 to $1,000 in fines
  • 24 to 96 hours of community service
  • 1 year license suspension if you refused chemical testing, but you may be eligible for reinstatement after 2 months with an ignition interlock (IID) for two subsequent years
  • Ignition interlock if your BAC was below .15% after 30 days of the suspension period have passed
  • DUI classes
  • License suspension of at least 9 months—limited license allowed with IID after 30 days have passed unless you are under 21 or refused any chemical testing

Second Offense

If you are pulled over with a BAC of .08% or higher, and you have been convicted of a DUI in the five years, you will be charged with a second offense, carrying the following penalties:

  • Minimum of 10 days in county jail and up to two years
  • Between $600 to $1,500 in fines
  • 48 to 120 hours of community service
  • 1 year license suspension or 2 years if you refused chemical testing—you may be eligible for a probationary license after two months with an IID
  • IID for two years after license reinstatement

Each subsequent offense will result in more severe penalties and possibly more jail time. A DUI is considered a felony in Frisco if you have been convicted of three or more past DUI-related offenses or caused an accident resulting in serious bodily harm while intoxicated.

How a Frisco DUI Defense Attorney Can Help

Navigating court proceedings for a DUI can be extremely complicated and stressful. Whether this is your first offense or you have past convictions, there are several ways to defend against them. For example, the most common DUI defense challenges the observations of arresting officers, the legality of the arrest, or the integrity of evidence they have against you. A strong and skillfully built defense can mitigate or even defeat DUI charges. A Frisco DUI defense lawyer can assess your case and determine your best course of action.