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Breckenridge Drug Possession Lawyer

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Criminal drug charges can be brought against an individual for drug possession, or possession of a controlled substance, distribution, trafficking, manufacturing, cultivation or use. Additionally, charges can be brought for prescription fraud, which involves having someone else’s prescription or altering your own. If you are dealing with drug crime issues, it is imperative to have a knowledgeable defense lawyer in your corner. Are you facing drug charges in the Colorado mountains area? Were you allegedly involved in a meth, marijuana or cocaine bust? Contact me, attorney J.B. Katz, for a free initial consultation.

Consequences Of A Drug Conviction In The Mountain Areas

Any felony conviction for a drug offense, including a deferred judgment, results in a driver’s license revocation. Additionally, drug offender surcharges that are above and beyond other fines can come into play on any drug offense, including a petty offense. These convictions can also impact the ability of an individual to obtain employment, housing and loans. Drugs commonly abused include:

Medical Marijuana

In Colorado, medical marijuana is legal, provided you have a medical marijuana card. Probation officers must honor a medical marijuana card. If you do not have one yet, you may want to consider obtaining one to avoid probation violations. You can obtain the forms for medical marijuana in Colorado by visiting the Medical Marijuana Registry website. I will be happy to discuss obtaining a medical marijuana card with you.

Illegal Or Nonresident Aliens And Drug Offenses In Colorado

If you have been charged with drug possession or distribution, please call me as soon as possible. You are not eligible for probation if convicted of any felony drug crime. Once you have been arrested, the police officers are required to notify immigration officials. However, a hold will be placed on your bond so you will be detained until your case has been resolved.

Thorough Defense

When you retain me as your defense lawyer, you can be confident that I will provide the most vigorous, ethical defense possible to obtain what is best for you. I will go to all lengths to protect you, including litigation, motions to suppress, seeking identity of secret informants and plea bargaining. As your lawyer, I will thoroughly examine the search warrant application, review the search and seizure issues and address any possible forfeiture issues involved. Finding any fault within these areas could result in the charges against you being dropped.

Free Initial Consultation With a Breckenridge Drug Charge Attorney

Providing only Breckenridge criminal defense services at Law Offices of J.B. Katz, P.C., I am dedicated to protecting those charged with drug possession or any other drug crime in the Colorado mountains area. I am ready to assist any client and can file a “plea by mail” for individuals who are not residents of the area. Please contact my Breckenridge office today for a free initial consultation at (970) 453-5533.