Understanding Your DUI Charge

If you were arrested for drunk driving, your life can be negatively impacted for years, especially if you do not obtain a qualified DUI defense attorney. A conviction can raise your auto insurance rates, establish a criminal history and result in the revocation of your driving privileges.
There are two different points at which revocation of your driver’s license could occur. The first is for having a blood alcohol level over .08, and the second is a revocation upon conviction. If you have had a prior DUI conviction or an express consent revocation, the consequences of your current charges can become even more complicated. A second offense at any time in your life triggers a mandatory jail sentence. An arrest for drunk driving should not be taken lightly. To present a strong and aggressive defense to these accusations, you need an attorney who is ready to help you protect your rights and driving privileges. At my firm, the Law Offices of J.B. Katz, P.C., I have been assisting both locals and tourists with all aspects of their DUI charges.

DMV Hearings Concerning The Status Of Your Driving Privileges

For those who have been charged with driving under the influence and have taken a breath test, you have only seven days to complete certain critical actions. You must request a DMV hearing; otherwise, you will lose your driving privileges on the eighth day.

DMV hearings are conducted by telephone in rural Colorado. If I participate as your lawyer, you may not need to take part in the hearing. We will make that decision together depending on the facts of your case. This hearing will determine the status of your driving privileges only. It has no bearing on the criminal case. The two are completely separate, and while these hearings are difficult to win, it is without a doubt to your benefit to have experienced legal counsel representing you at this critical time in your case.

Creative Solutions That Help You Achieve Your Goals

In addition to representing you at the DMV hearing, I will analyze the evidence in your case and will file motions, if necessary. If your case goes to court, I will work to negotiate with the prosecution to obtain an agreement that is in your best interest.

It is always your decision whether to accept a plea bargain in your case. However, I believe it is my ethical obligation in every case to at least obtain a plea offer for your consideration. You must understand your options and alternatives in your case to make an informed decision about whether to take your case to trial. Once you make your decision, I will work zealously to obtain the best result for you.

I will also work with you to find a creative approach to your situation. For example, DUI convictions often reflect a long-term alcohol problem. Obtaining counseling or attending a substance abuse program can help you move on in life and may help you when facing consequences of any criminal conviction.

Free Initial Consultation — Over 20 Years Of Experience Fighting DUI Charges

Providing only criminal defense services, I am dedicated to protecting those charged with DUI in the Colorado mountains area. For out-of-state individuals, I am ready to assist you with a “plea by mail” so you may not have to return for court. Please call or text my Breckenridge office at 970-368-2321 or send me an email today for a free initial consultation.