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JB Katz 5 stars I appreciate you and having my life back. Hey JB, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me through my legal shit. I was miserable for years and now that's it's behind me, my life is back on track. Thank you. I had 2 awful attorneys, you got everything taken care of in a fraction of the time they spent doing nothing. I appreciate you and having my life back.
JB Katz 5 stars "I am VERY happy with the outcome and very grateful!!"
JB Katz 5 stars I got in some trouble in Park County (driving way, way to fast) and was looking at potential jail time, so I wanted a mountain town lawer to represent me. J.B. gave me great advice on what to do in advance of my hearing, represented me well and both kept me out of jail and minimized the pain on my wallet/license status. No judgment and the irght amount of straight talk. She knows the court system and the players in Park County, so instilled a lot of confidence. I receommend her without reservation.
JB Katz 5 stars J.B Katz took care of my ticket. I wasn’t from the area and didn’t have to show to court. She found me the classes needed as well. And even after pretty much being done with her part I wasn’t able to make the payments due to some delay in the courthouse. She was on top of it with the court until I was able to make the payment. I highly recommend her and would definitely use her services again if I get another ticket (Hopefully not) 😅 Thanks you J.B one more time!
JB Katz 5 stars I had a Philadelphia client who obtained a traffic speeding ticket and subsequent summons and complaint in Breckenridge Colorado. I contacted JB for legal advice on this matter. JB replied promptly and gave me invaluable information as a Philadelphia attorney to solve my client’s out-of-state problem. With JB’s advice, which I related to my client, the client was able to pro se solve the traffic court problem and reduce and minimize the number of points on the client's driving record. All I can say is -- JB is amazing, professional, and prompt and was very kind to give me this professional courtesy information and advice.
JB Katz 5 stars JB was tenacious in following up with my case. She worked hard and followed through. She was on top of every step and shined like a star. I will use her services any time. She is a great knowledgeable lawyer who has your back. Thank you JB Katz.
JB Katz 5 stars JB was amazing to work with! I will start this review off by sharing the amazing plea deal JB worked hard to get me. I had a DUI charge along with a few other charges dropped to careless driving with no strings attached - no therapy, no alcohol classes, no probation. She is professional but most importantly super friendly and makes you feel comfortable in a sticky situation. She obviously had great relations with everyone involved including the DA and the judge, which truly did help my case a lot. Thanks JB!
JB Katz 5 stars JB is an extraordinary lawyer. My experience with her has been nothing short of phenomenal. Not only did she provide me with amazing council and professional representation for my case; she was also someone that other lawyers went to for advice. During my trial date consultation two other lawyers interrupted our session to ask her for procedural and tactical advice, which she was happy to give. This to me spoke volumes as to her experience and legal knowledge. She was straight forward and coached me the entire way through. I recommend her highly. In addition to taking my case at a very reasonable flat rate, she also provided me with guidance and assistance after the fact for unrelated issues at no additional cost. Bottom line: If you have a criminal legal issue in the rocky mountains you either retain JB as your council, or you will regret not doing so later. AMAZING! Thanks for everything JB.
JB Katz 5 stars I am so happy with how JB Katz took care of a situation with my son! He had mistakenly missed a court date in Breckenridge so he immediately had a warrant out for his arrest. JB Katz handled my extremely nervous son with amazing ease. She took his call late on a Thursday and was able to have the warrant dismissed by the end of the day on Friday. Super fast, extremely patient, very reasonably priced, and perfect outcome. We could not be happier!
JB Katz 5 stars J.B. Katz did a good job with my case. She was upfront, honest, reasonably priced, and has a good sense of humor. Was able to get me a favorable outcome for a tough situation. As a local to the area I feel it’s an advantage to hire someone local who knows the personalities of the courthouse and community.
JB Katz 5 stars I don't often write reviews but I am compelled on this occasion by a deep sense of gratitude for J.B., because of the dedication and care she served me with throughout my case and even after. My charges were unique and stemmed from an accident which to my knowledge was unlike anything previously seen in Summit County. Despite her unfamiliarity with my specifically rare charges and despite my unique personal circumstances including almost debilitating anxiety, she took my case with confidence and delivered great value in the form of dedication and genuine compassion. I chose to work with her after carefully reviewing several other highly rated attorneys in the area and in hindsight I can gladly say that I made the best choice possible. She is well known among the community she serves and has a great rapport with law enforcement and criminal justice professionals within the courts. I believe that her reputation went a long way in defending me successfully. After paying for a service how often can you say that you feel like you underpaid? Well those are my sentiments now and despite offering to increase our pay arrangement, she showed immense integrity by insisting that our prearranged flat fee was the only compensation that she'd accept. In other words, J.B.'s services are worth every penny and then some. I write this review with confidence, that based on my experiences, you can expect great care and service from attorney Katz. It wasn't long ago that I was anxiously examining attorney profiles here on Google as you may be now, I faced the daunting task of finding the best possible defense council in Summit County, I found exactly what I was looking for in J.B. Katz.
JB Katz 5 stars Had an unfortunate situation and JB was super professional and responsive. Highly recommended. Has a ton of experience. From what I understand she has over 25 years of experience. No one better in the area
JB Katz 5 stars I was the not so proud recipient of a DUI in Summit County. I immediately consulted a lawyer friend of mine who, without hesitation, recommend J.B. Katz. Although, the legal trauma was no fun, J.B. was knowledgeable and helpful. She set realistic expectations and did not sugarcoat anything. She worked very hard to give me the best deal possible, exercising her outstanding relationship with the District Attorney and the Judge. Additionally, I felt her fees were exceptionally reasonable. If you find yourself on the defensive side of the law, I highly recommend consulting J.B.