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The Heat Is On saw fewer DUI arrests in Colorado

Colorado residents are familiar with the annual The Heat Is On campaign, during which police attempt to really crack down on drunk driving. This usually leads to a notable spike in arrest numbers.

While there was a spike this year, it was far smaller than it has been in previous years. Not nearly as many people got arrested for driving under the influence in 2018.

Social media is a powerful tool for police

If you are like many in Colorado, social media is important to you. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others allow you to connect with friends and family, meet people with similar interests, and share the things that are important to you. Did you know that someone else may be lurking among the friends and contacts you allow on your social media accounts?

Law enforcement now uses Facebook and other social media as tools for investigating crimes and keeping tabs on those they suspect are involved in criminal activity. More than 80 percent of law enforcement agencies now use social media to help them solve crimes. In some cases, police formally request that Facebook release certain private information about account holders. However, in many cases, these steps are not necessary.

Did police have probable cause to search or arrest you?

If you have had encounters with Colorado police, you may know that they have clever methods of obtaining the information they want. This may include asking leading questions or suggesting negative consequences if you fail to cooperate. One line over which law enforcement may not step is arresting you without probable cause.

Understanding the concept of probable cause and your rights related to police investigations is essential to ensuring you do not mistakenly surrender those rights. The results of your case may hinge on whether police violated your rights at any time during their investigation or your arrest.

How the frequency you use a drug affects your drug test

If you're getting drug tested and you're worried that you may not pass it, you might start wondering how long the drugs are actually going to stay in your system. Are they going to show up on that test?

There are many factors to consider here, such as your age, height, weight and metabolism. Naturally, the type of drug used is also critical. The type of test administered -- there are urine tests, blood tests and hair tests, just to name a few -- makes a difference in the results, as well.

A DUI can be a costly mistake

There are many benefits to living in Colorado. Besides the natural beauty all around, Colorado offers freedoms that many other states do not. Nevertheless, these liberties do not mean you are living in a lawless state. In fact, Colorado ranks 11th among the states with the strictest laws and penalties for drunk driving.

If you are convicted of first-offense DUI in this state, you can count on consequences such as paying a fine, license suspension and perhaps community service, depending on the circumstances. What you may not count on are the additional costs of dealing with the aftermath of a drunk driving arrest.

What guides the police when allegations of abuse are made?

Imagine this situation: Your partner abuses you on a regular basis. Finally, you've had enough and you use physical violence to protect yourself. However, your partner then calls the police, says that you are the one who initiated the violence and tries to have you arrested.

As you can imagine, this puts you in a very tough situation. You did harm your partner, but you only acted out of self-defense -- which is what you tell the police.

Police officer picked up for alleged DUI

A police officer in Colorado has found himself in a bit of legal trouble after he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. The arrest happened just a few days before Christmas, on December 21.

According to reports, a sergeant with the Breckenridge Police Department saw a car driving down the road well after dark -- close to midnight -- without its headlights on. He suspected that the driver was under the influence and pulled the car over.

Man arrested for allegedly hiding body after murder

After a man was killed in Colorado, police made numerous arrests. The most recent involved a man in Iowa. The police think that he assisted in hiding the deceased man's body after the killing, though it appears he did not carry out that initial crime himself.

The incident happened when a woman in Colorado took out a restraining order against her boyfriend. A few hours later, at about 1:30 a.m., the man came to her house.

An anger problem could lead to charges for violent crimes

Because each person is different, the way individuals react to certain situations is also different. Some people may react more harshly to certain events than others, and some parties may become emotional more easily than others. However, if your go-to reaction is often anger, you may have a problem that needs addressing.

Certainly, anger is an appropriate response in various scenarios. It can be too much or inappropriate at times, too. Additionally, if you have anger management issues, you could wind up in a situation where your anger problems result in police filing criminal charges against you.

Myths about beating a breath test

It is true that breathalyzer tests are not perfect. If the machine is not calibrated properly, for instance, they can give false readings. People have sometimes gotten out of DUI charges when it was shown that a breathalyzer test did not provide reliable information.

That said, people often buy into some common myths about how to beat a breathalyzer test. A few things they try include:

  • Placing a copper penny under their tongue
  • Using supplements, like garlic pills or charcoal pills
  • Cleaning their mouth out with mouthwash
  • Chewing on breath mints
  • Using other breath fresheners, like strips or gum
  • Smoking cigars or cigarettes
  • Holding their breath before taking the test
  • Exercising, hyperventilating or otherwise trying to breathe quickly
  • Drinking coffee
  • Eating a meal
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