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Understanding U.S. crime: 5 key facts

If you're wondering about the state of crime in America, it is very important to look at the facts and figures. They tell a very different story than what you may see on the news or on social media. Here are five key facts to start with:

1. Geography matters. Looking at total statistics for the country can be deceiving about what's happening on a more localized level. For example, Alaska had 600 violent crimes for every 100,000 people living in the state in 2016, while Maine had fewer than 200.

Four out of five college students drink alcohol

If you're are 21 or older and are attending a college or university in Colorado, you are not necessarily breaking any laws if you consume alcohol. Of course, this is assuming you are adhering to all state regulations governing the matter at the time. If you down a six-pack then get behind the wheel of a car to drive, it may not be so benign; in fact, it may not only increase your risk for collision but you may be illegally operating a motor vehicle as well.  

It's no secret that imbibing alcohol is common among college students in Colorado and throughout the nation. Binge drinking, as well, has gained popularity through the years. If someone were to ask you why you drink, what would you say? Perhaps your answer would be similar to the reasons other young adults give as to why they drink alcohol on or off-campus. If you were asked what you might do if facing a legal problem associated with alcohol in college, what would you say then? 

Are criminal mischief charges in Colorado serious?

Anytime you or a loved one face criminal charges, the matter is serious and in need of a serious approach. Even the most seemingly minor charges can quickly devolve into a legal situation that may affect your life, your freedom and your finances. While criminal mischief sounds like a minor infraction without serious consequences, it still requires your immediate attention accompanied by a solid criminal defense.

What is criminal mischief?

Drunk driving prevention through easy alternative transportation

As drunk driving defense attorneys, we realize that we can probably help if you have been arrested on DUI charges. A large part of the services we and other DUI lawyers provide is working to understand the details of your arrest in order to build an effective strategy on your behalf. Although DUI cases contribute to our income as lawyers, we would prefer to see fewer arrests on drunk driving charges.

Driving one's own vehicle is a powerful symbol of freedom and independence in the United States. As a people, we are reluctant to release control of our personal automobiles to another party. Unfortunately, this reluctance can lead to poor decisions about driving, especially if you have had a couple of drinks.

Attention Colorado residents: These drugs are highly addictive

Colorado is known for its leniency regarding certain types of drugs. There are some types of drugs, however, that most people agree can be quite dangerous. Not only do they have high potentials for addiction, several of them are illegal. However, there are also substances, such as alcohol, that are perfectly legal to use if you adhere to state laws regarding such matters; yet, they can also cause major addiction problems in your life.

Many people who use drugs tend to combine substances on occasion, such as drinking alcohol and then taking prescription medication. This type of behavior is quite high-risk and, in many cases, proves fatal. The more you know about the dangers of highly addictive drugs, the less likely you may be to abuse them. A fact you'll definitely want to keep in mind is that drug use often leads to legal problems.

Rethink your casual approach to Colorado drug charges

With the criminal focus largely removed from marijuana, many residents do not take drug charges seriously. However, there are plenty of reasons to take a serious approach to all drug charges, even those involving marijuana. Just because a state within America has chosen to allow the use and possession of a substance does not mean the danger of a drug conviction simply disappears.

We have seen some disturbing trends since Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational use. Too many of our neighbors remain uninformed about the use of cannabis, which puts them at risk of a conviction. These individuals do not understand how important it is to talk with a defense attorney upon arrest, which leaves them unprotected and vulnerable to conviction.

Criminal mischief charges often result in severe penalties

If you are like most Colorado citizens, you may think charges of criminal mischief do not warrant much apprehension. In some cases, such charges may be relatively minor, but other times, they could be classified as felonies. As you may know, all felony charges are very serious and require immediate action to protect one's freedom, lifestyle and reputation.

Charges of criminal mischief typically center on the destruction of property. While they usually involve juveniles, adults can incur criminal mischief charges as well. What makes these charges felonies or misdemeanors depends upon the value of the damaged or destroyed property.

Mental, physical and legal problems associated with alcohol

Just because you enjoy getting together with friends in Colorado and imbibing alcohol, it doesn't necessarily mean it creates a problem in your life. People can often control their use of alcohol without suffering negative repercussions. However, if you are currently facing a life problem related to alcohol, you are not alone in your suffering.

There are numerous physical, mental and legal problems connected with alcohol use throughout the nation. The more you know about the possible dangers ahead of time, the less likely you may be to abuse this substance. In fact, understanding that it is, in fact, an addictive substance may help you avoid trouble.

Colorado man faces domestic violence charges after car collision

Relationships are difficult, whether people choose to enter them to create a family or they are born into them by family. Most people can settle disputes and vent frustration without the use of force, but members of families can be guilty of abusing each other.

Research shows that people, especially women and children, are between 15 percent and 30 percent more likely to suffer injury or loss due to domestic violence than crimes perpetrated by strangers. Since assaults by household members are less likely to be reported, it is also more likely that victims of domestic violence and abuse will face it again.

Personality traits common to those who commit crimes

When looking at why people commit crimes and what influences them to do so repeatedly, one thing researchers have settled on is that many so-called "career criminals" share specific personality traits. While every individual is unique and the level of contribution from a specific trait differs from one person to the next, these traits do perhaps shed some insight on why people act the way they do.

For instance, experts said that many career criminals tend to rationalize their behavior. In some cases, they may have a reason to commit the crime that goes beyond what outsiders recognize -- stealing food to provide for their family, for instance.

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