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Did a faulty breath test result in your arrest?

Your drive home was routine, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary until you saw the flashing lights behind you. Before you knew it, you were sitting in the back of a police car under arrest for drunk driving. Things only got worse from there because your breath analysis test showed that your blood alcohol concentration was .08.

In Colorado and most other states, .08 is DUI per se. In other words, even if you passed all the roadside sobriety tests and were not demonstrating any erratic driving, your BAC of .08 is enough for authorities to presume you are legally impaired. You may be surprised to learn that, even with so much riding on this test result, the equipment police use to test your BAC is not always reliable.

How can I win a drug charge case in Colorado?

If you are facing drug charges, no matter what they are for, it's important to understand what you can do to fight these charges. There's no reason for you to give up, or try to represent yourself, when charged with drug possession, intent to distribute or any other drug crime in Colorado. So, how can you win a drug charge case in Summit County?

There are myriad ways you and your criminal defense attorney can meet your drug charge in Colorado head-on, and it all begins with examining the arrest. Did an unlawful search and subsequent seizure lead to your arrest and the charges being levied against you? If so, this is the defense you need to build out to have the charges either dropped or reduced.

Can I be fired if I'm accused of domestic violence?

If you have been accused of domestic violence you likely have some serious issues going on in your personal life. Whether or not the accusation is true you will face a lot of instability and uncertainty moving forward. You might even wonder if your employer can fire you based on being accused of domestic violence. This is a valid question and one that we will examine in today's post.

If the accusation of domestic violence was made by a co-worker, you are in a bad spot because the human resources department will need to act swiftly to resolve the issue. This could lead to you being fired even before authorities get involved or before a thorough investigation takes place.

Things to know about a Colorado walk-and-turn test

If you've ever had to pull off the road because a police car with flashing lights was traveling directly behind you, you understand how stressful such situations can be. Many Colorado drivers have gotten speeding tickets or, perhaps, received instructions to get a taillight fixed. Other situations are a lot more troubling, such as if a police officer approaches your window and asks you to step out of your car.

If this happens, it's usually because the officer in question suspects the driver of drunk driving or some other crime. While police detain you on the side of the road, a million thoughts might run through your mind, including whether or not you should comply if they ask you to take a walk-and-turn test. Knowing your rights ahead of time and where to seek support to help you exercise them may lead to mitigation of your circumstances.

Explaining a felony traffic stop

Felony traffic stops occur daily throughout the Breckenridge area of Colorado. These traffic stops are stressful, dangerous and difficult for all involved, especially those who are being stopped by the police. Today, we will take a look at felony traffic stops, what they are and how you can avoid being involved in one.

A felony traffic stop is one in which the police try to stop a vehicle they believe has occupants who are dangerous or who have committed serious crimes. These crimes would include armed robbery, having an outstanding felony warrant, assault with a weapon, vehicular manslaughter and more.

Exploring the benefits of negotiating a plea

If you are charged with a crime in Summit County there are many things that will flow through your mind. You will likely worry about spending time in prison, caring for your family, providing for your family and much more. There are options on the table when faced with criminal charges. One of those options is negotiating a plea deal. Let's explore the benefits of doing so in today's post.

The biggest benefit of negotiating a plea deal is that you exchange risk for certainty. That does this mean? When you negotiate a plea deal you know exactly what it is you will be sentenced with when it comes to jail time or fines. If you leave the case to go to trial, there will be a lot of uncertainty when it comes to your sentence.

What are drunk driving diversion programs?

Have you ever been pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) in Colorado? Have you ever been arrested, charged and convicted of DUI? This is a serious crime that you should never ignore. It's always in your best interest to fight charges when they are levied against you. One way to minimize the effect of a DUI charge on your life is by enrolling in a DUI diversion program.

In almost all circumstances, a DUI diversion program will be limited to only those who have committed their first offense. So, if you were recently pulled over and charged with DUI for the very first time, this is something you should look into with the help of an attorney.

How are fake IDs spotted?

When certain activities are off limits, it is not unusual for individuals to want to participate in those activities even more. For instance, many underage people may attempt to get alcohol or other age-restricted substances when they feel rebellious. Often, these attempts do not have the desired outcomes, but it is not for a lack of trying.

For instance, your child may attempt to use a borrowed or fake ID in efforts to buy alcohol or products from a marijuana dispensary here in Colorado. If this happens and authorities catch your child with this fraudulent ID, serious criminal consequences could result.

Can I serve alcohol at my child's prom or graduation party?

Whether your child was at the top of the class or barely squeaked through, you may be as proud and excited as he or she is to be nearing the end of senior year. There are many celebrations ahead, including prom and graduation, and you look forward to celebrating with your teen.

As a gift or reward to your child, you may be planning a party for after prom or graduation. You may recall your own senior festivities. Perhaps your parents threw a party for you and your friends, or you went to another student's house where an elaborate bash was going on. You may want to be that cool parent who throws the best after-party, but be aware of the risks involved if you plan to offer alcohol.

Mistakes to avoid when hiring a criminal defense attorney

Facing drug charges in Colorado is scary, especially if this is your first time. You might not know what to do, where to turn or who to call. You need to take a deep breath and find a criminal defense attorney who will fight for your rights like they are defending a family member. Here are some mistakes you need to avoid when hiring a defense attorney.

Don't hire a lawyer who is not experienced in criminal defense when you are facing drug charges. You want someone who has represented others who have been charged with the same crimes as you.

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