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What can you expect if facing assault charges in Colorado?

Facing criminal charges of any kind is daunting. If charged with assault, you may be unsure of what exactly what that means or what kind of penalties you could be facing. Assault crimes range in severity, and it is beneficial for your defense to know what you are up against and how you can fight back. 

From minor harassment to felony assault, you would be wise to fight the charges against you with a carefully prepared and thoughtful defense. Regardless of the prosecution's case, you are entitled to a presumption of innocence and to challenge any evidence against you. It is prudent to take your case seriously and move forward with preparing an effective defense as soon as possible after your arrest.

How do I protect my future after driving under the influence?

Being arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in Colorado can change your life in an instant. You might not be able to return to work if you hold a commercial driver's license (CDL) or are required to drive a company vehicle. This means you could have trouble finding employment and taking care of your family. So, how do you protect your future after a DUI charge?

The first step in protecting your future is to invoke your right to remain silent during the arrest. Don't offer any information to the officer aside from your name and date of birth. You don't have to answer questions without the presence of an attorney. You should then request to have an attorney with you when answering questions.

Submit a successful application for Colorado medical marijuana

If you need to apply for medical marijuana in Colorado you will want to ensure that your application is complete upon submission the first time. If it is incomplete, you will wind up having the application denied, and you will need to resubmit. Joining the Colorado medical marijuana registry allows you to carry medicinal marijuana with you and prevents you from being cited or arrested for possession. Here are some tips for submitting a successful application.

Compile all of the required documents before submitting your application. Missing just one required document will lead to denial of the application, and you will have to resubmit. Your valid Colorado driver's license must be copied as a JPEG or PDF.

Doctor shopping can lead to serious criminal trouble

If you suffer an injury or have a surgical procedure, chances are your doctor prescribed a pain medication. The more serious your situation, the more powerful the pain killer you may need. An experienced doctor knows what to prescribe, the dose, how often you should take it and for how long. Your prescription may allow you to request a refill if the pain persists, or you may have to contact your doctor to request additional pills.

Everyone is different, but your doctor knows that at a certain point in your recovery, your pain should decrease so that you can function without the use of powerful narcotic drugs. He or she may refuse to refill your prescription or recommend that you use an over-the-counter pain medication. What you do next can affect the rest of your life.

How domestic violence allegations damage your reputation

Allegations of domestic violence can significantly impact your reputation. If the allegations turn into charges, your reputation might take a major hit. You might have trouble speaking to friends and family. You might get the cold shoulder at your place of employment. You could even lose your job. Let's take a look at the damage that can be done to your reputation if facing domestic violence allegations or charges in today's post.

A simple allegation of domestic violence will put you in an awkward position with your friends and family. Some of them will want to believe your story that you are innocent. Others might not be so kind and could cut you out of your life. Even though it is an allegation it must be taken seriously, especially by law enforcement.

The penalties if caught with a fake ID in Colorado

Colorado readers understand there are strict penalties associated with underage drinking and underage possession of marijuana. There are also strict penalties for possession of a fake identification, which is how many individuals under the age of 21 are able to obtain marijuana and alcohol. If you are facing charges because someone caught you with a fake ID, it is smart to take your situation seriously.

Any type of criminal charge is a threat to your future, and a strong criminal defense is an important part of protecting your interests. Possession of a fake ID may not seem like a big deal, but it can leave a mark on your record that can affect you down the road. It is smart to learn how you can defend yourself if caught with a fake ID or facing related charges.

The penalties associated with felonies in Colorado

The commission of a crime in Colorado can lead to serious consequences no matter your criminal record. The most serious crimes are those that are charged as felonies. Depending on the level, or class, of felony charge, you could find yourself facing years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. Let's take a look at the penalties related to felony charges in the state of Colorado in today's post.

Felony charges are divided into five classes under Colorado law, with a Class 1 charge being the worst. A Class 1 felony conviction can come with life in prison or even the death penalty. There is no monetary fine associated with a Class 1 felony conviction.

Don't underestimate the penalties for felony DUI in Colorado

Driving under the influence is a serious issue that results in thousands of deaths per year in Colorado and the rest of the country. People make mistakes. Some people make the same mistake more than once. A felony charge for driving under the influence (DUI) comes when a person has been charged with the crime for a fourth or subsequent time in Colorado. Today, we will take a look at the penalties for felony DUI in the state.

A person charged with a fourth or subsequent DUI in Colorado faces the following penalties if convicted:

  • A mandatory sentence of 90 days in prison
  • No more than 180 days in prison
  • No option for a reduction in sentence due to good behavior
  • Defendant does receive credit for time served after initial arrest and prior to being convicted

What penalties may be imposed for an underage DUI?

The state of Colorado takes drinking and driving very seriously. Every year, law enforcement authorities arrest numerous individuals for driving under the influence of alcohol, many of whom are underage. What do state laws have to say about underage DUI?

Colorado, like all other states, has zero tolerance laws when it comes to underage drinkers. What does that mean? What penalties may follow an underage DUI conviction?

Explaining diversion programs for criminal offenders

Diversion programs are becoming more common these days in Colorado and beyond for certain criminal offenders and certain crimes. Most people who are eligible for a diversion program are those who are facing a criminal charge for the first time. Let's take a look at diversion programs and how you can avoid a trial, other sentencing and even jail time if you finish one of these programs.

Pretrial diversion is when a defendant is able to avoid a trial before entering a guilty or no contest plea in court. The prosecution will delay the trial so the defendant can attend a diversion program, which can include community service, counseling, probation and other programs. If the defendant is able to complete the program, he or she will not have to face a trial.

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