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The difference in common types of drug charges

Facing any type of drug charge is a serious threat to your future. Your personal freedom is at stake, as is your reputation and even career opportunities. While some types of drug charges have more severe penalties than others, it is still in your interests to protect yourself by building a strong defense suited to your individual needs. 

It may be helpful to first understand more about the type of drug charge you are up against. This can help you identify the potential penalties that can affect your life if convicted, as well as how you should approach your defense. A strong defense is an important step, whether you are facing charges for a misdemeanor crime or felony offense.

Drunk driving arrests rise over the Thanksgiving holiday

Thanksgiving is a cherished time of the year when people count and appreciate the blessings in their lives. It is also a time for celebrating with friends and family members. Most Colorado residents do not give much thought to the risk of a drunk driving arrest during this family-centered holiday. However, these arrests happen more often than you might think.

When asked, most law enforcement officers would probably count Thanksgiving as one of the holidays with the most drunk driving arrests. Maybe people have a little too much wine at a friend's holiday dinner, or maybe a group get-together turns into an all-out party with plenty of alcoholic beverages.

Exploring the entrapment defense against drug charges

Most residents know that it is now legal to possess marijuana in Colorado, but that does not mean the state has adopted a lenient approach to all drugs. One of the biggest mistakes we see people make in cases involving drug charges is assuming that the state will not aggressively pursue prosecution.

There are many effective defenses one can pursue when facing drug charges. Entrapment by the authorities is one of these defenses, but it is important to make sure such an approach has a good chance of success. In certain clear-cut cases, the entrapment defense may work, but other times, the prosecution will tear this approach to shreds.

DUI enhancements place your future at risk

Drunk driving is no joke in the state of Colorado, which ranks among the strictest for penalties against impaired drivers. Like other states, Colorado has its share of tragedies related to drunk driving, and despite its reputation for pushing the boundaries, Colorado lawmakers frequently pass legislation tightening the penalties against those who drive under the influence.

Even a simple, first-offense DUI can result in severe penalties, including fines, the suspension of your license and potential jail time. However, there may be other circumstances that increase the seriousness of the offense and enhance the penalties you face.

Accused! The dangers of talking with police officers alone

When people are accused of serious felonies like murder or sexual assault, many of them feel that getting a defense attorney is nearly the same as confessing. After all, if you are innocent, then why would you need someone to defend you against the allegations? Police officers explain the simple truth of why you need a lawyer when they read you your rights: "Anything you say will be used against you in a court of law."

The desire to defend oneself and avoid severe charges is strong in most people. However, attempting to mount a defense alone in the face of a police interrogation may not turn out the way you expect. When law enforcement personnel interrogate suspects accused of felonies, they are allowed to take liberties with what really happened.

Get informed to avoid violating a protective order

Unfortunately, domestic violence is a problem in many Colorado cities. However, there are times when accusations of domestic violence are completely false, even though the alleged offender is served with a protective order.

As defense attorneys, we know how unfounded domestic violence allegations combined with protective orders can be a recipe for disaster. Alleged offenders typically feel a deep need to defend themselves against the accusations.

Did police accuse you of disorderly conduct?

Anytime two or more people gather together, there is a chance that someone else may consider it a nuisance or disturbance. If the police respond to a call regarding loud noise or some other kind of raucous, you could find yourself facing arrest.

Police often use a charge such as disorderly conduct when they can't pinpoint a specific offense against the public peace and order. Officers may make arrests, not really understanding what went on or knowing who was responsible, and call it disorderly conduct.

Prescription drug charges can put a damper on your vacation plans

The 2018-2019 ski season here in Breckenridge is just around the corner. As you plan your trip, you may want to take into consideration whether you will need to refill any prescription medications, or what you will do if something happens and you need a medication while away from home and your regular doctor.

It might start out innocently enough. Perhaps you strain your back or knee while on the slopes or have trouble sleeping in an unfamiliar bed. In any case, you decided to take the painkillers prescribed to someone else in your party. Later, you find yourself stunned because you are under arrest for possession of prescription drugs.

Colorado launches anti-impaired driving campaign

The state of Colorado and a number of state agencies have launched a campaign to highlight the dangers of drugged driving.

An average of more than 60 people each day are arrested in Colorado on impaired driving charges, the Colorado Department of Transportation (DOT) reported.

Understanding U.S. crime: 5 key facts

If you're wondering about the state of crime in America, it is very important to look at the facts and figures. They tell a very different story than what you may see on the news or on social media. Here are five key facts to start with:

1. Geography matters. Looking at total statistics for the country can be deceiving about what's happening on a more localized level. For example, Alaska had 600 violent crimes for every 100,000 people living in the state in 2016, while Maine had fewer than 200.

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