The Defense You Need When Charged With A Crime

Your felony or misdemeanor arrest calls for the most experienced, reputable legal representation you can find. You want to avoid the harsh penalties that would accompany a conviction. My name is J.B. Katz. At my Breckenridge law firm, I count first-time and repeat offenders, locals and visitors, tourists and illegals among my roster of clients. It does not matter who or what you are to society if your rights have been violated. I work hard in state and municipal courts to protect those rights from start to finish, arraignment to outcome.

Dedicated Criminal Defense

I am a solo practitioner who for over 20 years has placed special focus on the practice of criminal defense in Colorado. I represent people in matters involving:

  • DUI and other alcohol-related crimes, including underage drinking offenses
  • Drug offenses, including drug possession and manufacturing
  • Traffic tickets
  • Assault crimes, including domestic violence
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Sex crimes
  • Most other felonies and misdemeanors

Vacationers And Nonresidents

Because the population of Breckenridge increases during peak vacation times, I often assist individuals facing criminal charges who are not from the area. If you are a vacationer or a seasonal employee, and you have found yourself in need of criminal defense, I can help. I may be able to file a plea by mail so that you do not need to return for court.

Illegal Or Nonresident Aliens

If you have been charged with any crime, please call me as soon as possible. Once you have been arrested, the police are required to notify immigration officials. However, a hold will be placed on your bond, so you will be detained until your case is over. If you obtain my services, I will do everything I can to assist you.

Free Initial Consultation

Criminal defense is my passion. You can benefit from the fast response and personal attention I give to your legal problems. I aggressively protect your rights. Call my office at 970-368-2321 or send me an email to schedule an appointment.