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Understanding Your Rights When Charged With Harassment

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Prosecutors in Colorado often file a misdemeanor charge of harassment in a criminal case involving two people when there has been no injury. In a domestic disturbance that causes no injury, a prosecutor can also file harassment or domestic violence charges. A harassment charge is more than just a nuisance. Upon conviction, you face a possible jail sentence of up to six months, as well as a criminal record that could prevent you from working in certain occupations. For those reasons, attempting to represent yourself or simply pleading guilty is not wise. You should obtain legal representation as soon as possible. At my firm, Law Offices of J.B. Katz, P.C., I defend people accused of harassment and violations of restraining or protective orders. I have been successful in obtaining dismissals of charges, deferred judgments and reductions to lesser charges that do not carry the same stigma as a harassment charge.

What Is Harassment?

Without a lawyer on your side who can challenge the allegation, harassment can be practically anything the prosecutor says. Making a telephone call, sending an unwanted email or texting can, in some circumstances, be characterized as constituting harassment. As your lawyer, I will challenge the prosecutor’s assertions, in court if need be. In some cases, I have been successful in convincing prosecutors to not file charges by pointing out weaknesses in evidence, placing the event in context or providing additional facts that put a different complexion on the event. In short, what might seem to be a harassing call or email harassment may not really meet the definition of harassment as stated in the law.

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