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At the Law Offices of J.B. Katz, P.C., in Breckenridge, I offer full-service legal representation to those arrested for DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol). My skilled DUI defense legal services extend to first-time and repeat offenses, motorists charged with vehicular assaults or vehicular homicides connected to DUI charges, as well as all DMV hearings that decide your driver’s license status. I have successfully handled cases like these for 20 years in Colorado’s mountain area. My clients trust me to do everything within my power to minimize the impact of DUI charges. As your lawyer, I strive to put you back on the road, to get to your job so you can resume providing for your family.

Fast Response, Personal Attention To Your Drunk Driving Case

I return all phone calls and emails promptly because I know that this is a moment of crisis for you. I will ensure that your case is prepared for trial from the moment we begin working together. At trial, I have many methods of challenging the drunk driving charges against you, including:

  • Carefully examining what police construed to be probable cause for stopping you
  • Casting doubt on the validity of field sobriety, blood and breath test results
  • Investigating weather and road conditions at the time of your arrest
  • Looking into the possibility that a preexisting medical condition could have been confused with inebriation

At DMV hearings and for driver’s license revocation matters, I work hard to protect your driving privileges — whether you need your license to get to your job or your driver’s license is your job (professional motorists with commercial driver’s licenses, or CDLs).

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For proven legal leadership that gets results in DUI cases, you need an experienced attorney looking out for you. I have the experience, skills and client commitment you need at this difficult time in your life. You may call or text me at (970) 453-5533, or send an email to arrange an appointment with me to discuss your case.