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Breckenridge Cocaine Charges Attorney

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Being charged with cocaine or heroin crimes in Colorado can carry consequences beyond the regular prison time and monetary fines. These drug crimes are prosecuted and investigated with care by the state and the federal government. Being convicted can cost you your employment now and in the future. It can also make you lose out on all of your educational opportunities. If you are facing cocaine or heroin charges in Colorado, contact my Breckenridge law firm. My name is J.B. Katz, and I have been serving the needs of the accused for more than 20 years. You can rely on my drug crime defense experience to help you build a solid case.

Heroin Arrest Defense — Help From a Breckenridge Attorney

Due to the highly addictive characteristics of heroin, the government investigates and prosecutes this drug heavily. It is absolutely necessary to consult with a skilled criminal defense attorney in Colorado if you suspect you are being investigated, or if you have been charged formally. Heroin charges can involve many federal and state agencies, including the FBI, DEA and ICE. I have experience defending clients who are up against all of these agencies. You can rely on my skill and experience to see you through your drug defense case.

Fighting Against Cocaine Charges

Whether you are charged with possession, distribution or the manufacture of cocaine, I can help. I will thoroughly investigate your case in order to develop a solid strategy from the very beginning. Be sure to never speak to the police or prosecutor without first talking to a skilled attorney. Anything you say to another person could come back to hurt you in the future. Allow me to handle the police for you.

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Call (970) 453-5533 from home, hospital or jail to schedule a free initial consultation with a Breckenridge criminal defense attorney. I will listen to your needs and explain the options available to you. You can also rely on me to come to you if you are unable to reach my office.