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Breckenridge Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Juveniles can be arrested for all kinds of reasons: as victims of circumstance, targets of “he said, she said,” participation in the wrong crowd and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. They can also be arrested for so-called adult crimes and receive adult punishments. I am Breckenridge juvenile criminal defense attorney J.B. Katz. For 20 years, I have worked hard to protect the rights and futures of Colorado youth. Whether the juvenile charge is vandalism, fighting, marijuana possession or underage consumption, I use the law to seek justice and to turn young lives in useful directions.

Making Sure Your Child Has A Future

I want to help your youngster avoid taking that wrong first step in life. I can protect his or her rights in juvenile or district court, and seek outcomes that offer valuable lessons and send strong messages. Ultimately, I can attempt a record sealing or expungement that physically destroys all evidence of the charges against your child. You should speak with me immediately if your Colorado teen has been arrested on a juvenile charge such as:

  • Assault
  • Fighting
  • Vandalism
  • Theft — auto theft, identity theft, burglary, shoplifting
  • Possession, sale or distribution of drugs
  • Underage consumption — MIP (minor in possession)
  • DUI
  • DUID
  • Sex crimes

The juvenile criminal justice system in Colorado can work for you and your youngster, but only if you know what to do at such a critical time. I will advise you of your specific options and pursue a resolution that either minimizes the consequences or obtains a dismissal of your current case. As the parent of a minor child facing juvenile charges, you will appreciate the atmosphere of comfort, candor, confidence and confidentiality that I establish during initial consultations. I welcome the opportunity to meet you and work with you toward a brighter future for your son or daughter.

Juvenile Defense Representation That You And Your Family Can Count On

I respond promptly to all email and fax messages, and any communications left after business hours. From start to finish of our work together, I pledge 24/7 availability to any late-breaking questions, issues or concerns you might have. To schedule your free consultation, please call my Breckenridge office at (970) 453-5533 or send me an email.