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Breckenridge Child Abuse Defense Attorney

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The state of Colorado takes cases of alleged child abuse and neglect very seriously. Even if a criminal charge of abuse is dismissed, or you are found not guilty, you can lose your custody or visitation rights. You could also be terminated from your job or refused employment in certain occupations. In fact, any criminal arrest that conceivably involves the welfare of a child can result in severe consequences, because you could face enhanced penalties if you are convicted. If you have been charged with child abuse or neglect, you need strong and effective legal representation.

This also applies if you have been arrested for DUI while a child was in your car or involved in a domestic dispute in a house where a child was present. I am J.B. Katz, a Breckenridge criminal defense attorney with experience defending people accused of child abuse, child neglect, child sexual abuse and other crimes in situations where children were present. I defend the rights and freedom of my clients regarding criminal charges, and I also work to limit or overcome any collateral consequences my clients face. Contact experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney J.B. Katz today.

Defending Your Rights And Freedom

When representing you, I will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your arrest, looking for a way to obtain a dismissal of the charge or reduction to an acceptable charge that does not have enhanced penalties. Your freedom and your future are important to me. I will stand up for you, seeking the best possible outcome in your case.

The Colorado Trails System And Your Rights

If you are arrested for a crime involving a child, your name could be entered in the state’s child welfare system Trails, a database used by the Department of Human Services to track child welfare cases. This could trigger a separate investigation by a child welfare worker that could lead to the loss of your custody or visitation rights. Schools, municipalities and other employers also check this database when screening employment applications. The good news is that you can challenge the factual data contained in a Trails record, and in some cases, even get it removed. I will work diligently to defend you in the criminal case, and also avoid other potential consequences that can adversely affect your future.

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