Charged With Assault? You Need A Strong Defense.

Are you facing assault charges in the Colorado mountains area? I can help you. I am attorney J.B. Katz, and I have 20 years of experience protecting the rights of clients facing a wide range of criminal charges. I can assist you whether you are facing charges for aggravated assault, minor harassment, serious felony assault or even assault on a peace officer.


Conviction May Bring Mandatory Prison Time

With any felony assault charges, it is important to have aggressive criminal defense from the beginning. Assault charges can quickly escalate and bring stiffer penalties if complicating circumstances are involved.

For example, if you are charged with felony assault and charged with serious bodily injury or risk of permanent scarring, a conviction will bring a mandatory minimum prison sentence of five years or more.

Defending Your Reputation And Rights

When you retain me as your defense lawyer early in the process, I am able to analyze your case from all aspects and angles. I can look at possible complicating factors, such as the involvement of alcohol or the issue of self-defense.

Additionally, in serious cases, I know the importance of bringing a professional investigator onto your defense team. An investigator can look at the incident as a whole, the detailed circumstances and the character of the individual who has accused you.

Free Initial Consultation

Providing only criminal defense services, I am dedicated to protecting those charged with assault in the Colorado mountains area. Please call my Breckenridge office at 970-368-2321 or send me an email for a free initial consultation. If you are not from the area, I can file a plea by mail and appear on your behalf so you do not need to return.