Arrested For Urinating In Public?

After you sober up, it can seem amusing or embarrassing to have been arrested for urinating in public. But having a conviction for that offense on your record can have long-term consequences. Though the actual penalty you incur may not be significant, you may be excluded from certain occupations, particularly those involving children.

If you have received a public urination ticket or been arrested for another alcohol-related crime, you should think twice about pleading guilty. I am J.B. Katz, a defense advocate with extensive experience in so-called “nuisance” crimes such as public urination, public intoxication and disorderly conduct. As your attorney, I can work to minimize the consequences of the charge and if possible, obtain either a dismissal of the charge or reduction to a lesser charge that carries less stigma. After the resolution of your case, I may be able to obtain an expungement or sealing of your record, which can prevent potential employers from learning about the event.

Protect Your Future, Get Legal Representation

I can represent you on a public urination charge without your need to appear in court. You can be assured that while I am representing you, your rights and interests will be protected. Whenever possible, I will seek to obtain a dismissal of the charge. Alternatively, I can seek to negotiate a disorderly conduct charge instead. This charge carries far less stigma, and it will be much easier to explain this away if you are ever asked about it. A small investment in legal fees now can help you avoid problems down the road. Get legal help today.

You Need A Lawyer To Help You Understand Your Options

As your attorney, I will be able to explain to you what I can do to best protect your interests. To arrange a free consultation, please call my Breckenridge office at 970-368-2321 or send me an email. I represent locals, students and tourists who live in or visit the Colorado mountains region.