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Breckenridge Underage Crimes Lawyer

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Many teens are frequently placed into situations that can best be described as “the wrong place at the wrong time.” Being arrested and charged with a crime when you are underage is a very serious issue, as a conviction is something that could follow you around for your entire life.

I am attorney J.B. Katz, and I have been protecting the rights of minors charged with crimes for over 20 years. From my offices in Breckenridge, I represent both locals and tourists who have been arrested for committing crimes. I understand the real-life implications that come with a conviction, and I will work hard to protect you at each step in the process.

Taking The Time To Protect Your Future

My goal is to ensure that you have someone able to help you make the best choices for you in your case. I will help you examine all of your options and then make the appropriate decisions that allow you to experience the future you deserve. I handle many different types of Breckenridge criminal charges for those under 21, including:

  • Underage drinking or minor in possession (MIP) charges
  • Underage attempt to enter into a marijuana facility charges, or trying to buy marijuana using a fake ID
  • Any and all other underage criminal charges

This may be the very first time you have ever been in trouble in your entire life, and you are scared about what is going to happen to you. I want you to know that things are going to be ok. I am going to make sure you understand what I will do to help you address the challenges you are facing.

Once I have had the chance to review your case, I will prepare a strategy that is focused on you and your future. I will work hard to help you reduce or minimize the possible penalties that may apply in your situation, and I will protect your rights at all times.

The Sooner You Call, The More Options We Have Available

To put an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side, please call my Breckenridge office at (970) 453-5533 or send me an email to arrange a free consultation. If you were charged while visiting the region, I may be able to resolve your case without you having to return to the area.