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Knowing Your Rights: Frequently Asked Questions About DUI Charges

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A DUI charge has the power to severely disrupt your life. One bad decision can lead to the loss of your license, heavy fines and even jail time. When you are facing such a charge, understanding your rights is critical. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can greatly aid you in protecting yourself against such major consequences.

At my practice, the Law Offices of J.B. Katz, P.C., I feature extensive experience in helping Breckenridge tourists and residents as they combat daunting DUI charges. What follows are some frequently asked questions that I receive from clients during initial consultations:

What are the penalties for a DUI conviction in Colorado?

An initial DUI arrest can result in costly fines, the loss of your license and up to one year in jail. You can also expect your insurance premiums to rise. Repeat offenders face even harsher consequences, including the possibility of installing an ignition interlock device in their car.

Marijuana is legal in Colorado — but can I still get a DUI if it’s in my system?

Driving with THC in your system is not advisable. Motorists who are found to have more than five nanograms of THC in their blood could face drugged driving charges. If you are otherwise impaired by drugs, including prescription medication, you could also be subject to criminal charges.

Is it true that my license can be suspended even if I beat my case?

There is a limited window of time after a traffic stop occurs where you can contest the suspension of your license. You could very well lose your license regardless of the outcome of your case. For this reason, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible after a traffic stop.

If I know I was drunk when I was stopped, should I just plead guilty?

Do not plead guilty because you feel as though you are out of options. A guilty plea will immediately present you with serious consequences. An experienced attorney such as myself can help you explore all possible pathways to preserving your license as well as your freedom.

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