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Breckenridge Blood/Breath Test Evidence Defense

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Many DUI cases hinge on the results of the breath test or blood test. Getting the test results suppressed can result in a dismissal of the charge. At my law practice, the Law Offices of J.B. Katz, P.C., I thoroughly review the results of blood alcohol tests, the procedures used to obtain those results and other factors that could produce a good outcome for my clients. I understand the legal and technical aspects of testing procedures, and I use that knowledge to obtain dismissals of charges for my clients.

Challenging Breath Test Results

While the physical evidence produced by a breath test disappears at the end of the test, there remain many ways to challenge the accuracy of the results. I will carefully examine all aspects of the testing procedure looking for ways to get the results suppressed. The maintenance records of the machine, the operator’s actions during the test, what is happening in the testing room during the procedure — these or other factors could enable me to get the results thrown out.

Challenging Blood Tests

Careful examination of blood test results and procedures is especially important in cases involving repeat offense or DUI accidents that result in injuries or deaths. Unlike the sample in a breath test, which is tested on the spot, blood from a draw must be refrigerated and transferred to a testing facility. The chain of possession, the temperature at which the sample was kept, the procedures of the lab and many other factors can be challenged. I will review all of these, looking for a successful defense strategy.

Biological Factors

There may be biological factors too, that could produce a positive result for you. Your health conditions, your liver function, the medications you take — these and other factors could provide the key to obtaining a good result. As a member of the National College for DUI Defense, I have received special training in breath and blood testing procedures. I will use every means at my disposal to defend your rights and freedom.

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Don’t assume that you will be convicted just because you blew over .08. Success is possible in DUI cases, and when I defend you, my goal will be to find a way to win. For a free initial consultation, call or text (970) 453-5533, or send me an email.