Colorado may pass country’s strictest gun law

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2012 was a year of gun violence in the national media and particularly in Colorado. In response, Colorado lawmakers have been working on a package of gun control bills to try and prevent future gun violence in the state. They will have to balance two interests: the safety of Coloradoans and the right to bear arms that we are all afforded under the Second Amendment.

Democrats in the state recently unveiled eight bills that would tighten background check requirements and ban certain ammunition sales. One bill, which would allow gun manufacturers and sellers to be held responsible for crimes committed with the guns they provide, has been called the toughest proposed gun law in the country.

When a law prevents people from engaging in potentially lawful conduct, constitutional law scholars say it has a “chilling effect.” Such could be the case for gun manufacturer liability; if it stops gun makers from making and selling guns lawfully in Colorado, it may not pass constitutional scrutiny.

Indeed, a federal law is in place that conflicts with the proposed law in Colorado. The state’s lawmakers hope to have that law repealed so they can place stricter limits on guns but it will likely be a challenge, especially with gun rights groups already up in arms, so to speak.

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