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Posted September 23, 2014

How does adult sentencing work in Colorado?

Colorado residents may benefit from learning more about the state’s sentencing laws for adults. While operating within statutory parameters, judges are permitted to use their own discretion when sentencing a defendant. Sentencing laws are often complicated because there may be multiple levels affected by different criteria. In Colorado, six classes constitute the hierarchy of...
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Posted September 16, 2014

Colorado pair arrested after shots fired

Police took two individuals into custody on Sept. 6 after shots were allegedly fired. No injuries were reported from the incident or initial altercation. According to reports, police performing a DUI stop nearby responded to the scene after hearing multiple gunshots. The officers were said to have recovered bullet casings from the scene of...
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Posted September 10, 2014

Authorities to file charges against impaired bus driver

After a Denver bus driver was taken into custody for allegedly ignoring a stop sign on Sept. 1 and driving while impaired, officials announced that they intend to file charges in the case. Although a misdemeanor charge was originally filed, prosecutors withdrew that charge with the intention of filing a felony charge. The driver...
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Posted September 7, 2014

Elements of burglary in Colorado

In Colorado, prosecutors must prove a number of elements in order to secure a burglary conviction. The absence of any one of the elements means the crime of burglary has not occurred. The Colorado burglary law is similar to the Model Penal Code in that it requires proof of unlawful entry into a building...
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Posted September 2, 2014

Woman accused in Colorado bank robbery

Canon City police and Freemont County sheriff’s authorities say that they detained a woman just after midnight on Aug. 26 in connection with the robbery of the Bank of Colorado in Olathe on Aug. 20. A warrant for the woman was filed in Montrose County Court two days after the robbery, and she faces...
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