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Posted February 16, 2021

How does dollar value increase felony theft charges?

You have probably wondered how long someone could go to prison for an act of theft. Stealing money or property is a very broad area of law and can involve differing levels of punishment. Some sentences are light but other punishments may deprive you of much of your freedom. A major factor in driving up...
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Posted February 11, 2021

What kind of life might I have in five years if convicted of DUI?

In many cases, a felony conviction for DUI could result in your spending the next five years in jail. According to a 9Wants to Know investigation, however, one-third of individuals with felony DUI convictions stayed out of prison.Instead of incarceration, you may have a chance to attend a substance abuse treatment program and receive...
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Posted February 4, 2021

How is domestic abuse defined in Colorado?

Accusations of domestic abuse and violence are always troubling. Along with the feelings of the victim, the accused also faces serious consequences if found guilty of the charges against them. If there are questions about the accuracy of the accusations or mitigating circumstances, the stakes are even higher. If you have been accused of domestic...
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