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Posted January 28, 2016

Homeowner kills robber; law may charge owner for the death

If someone breaks into your home and threatens you, can you kill that person and claim self defense was your only option? Your attorney can step in and help you defend yourself, like in this case. The man in Colorado fatally shot a man who had robbed and restrained him, according to the news...
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Posted January 22, 2016

Marijuana laws in Colorado: Read the fine print

With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, you may think it’s not possible to be charged for having the drug. That’s not entirely true, though, and some people can still face drug charges for using or possessing the drug. If you’re accused of giving the drug to a child or carrying more than you’re...
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Posted January 14, 2016

Woman’s body brews alcohol; drunk driving charge dropped

Not everyone who is arrested for drink driving is charged or convicted of the crime, particularly when there’s a good reason to dismiss the case. You may be able to have charges against you dropped or penalties lowered with the help of your attorney, too. In this case, a charge was dropped because of...
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Posted January 8, 2016

Parents and domestic violence: The risks during divorce

If you’re accused of domestic assault or violence, the best thing you can do for yourself is to learn about the laws in Colorado. This is particularly true if you live in a home with children; children in Colorado are protected by laws that state they have a right to visit and live in...
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