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Posted February 26, 2014

Colorado woman charged with assault on a peace officer

When under the influence, a person can make unwise decisions. Unfortunately, some of these decisions can have serious repercussions and could potentially lead to the individual facing criminal charges. If an individual becomes combative when authorities attempt to intervene in a situation, that party could become charged with assault on a peace officer, which...
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Posted February 19, 2014

Colorado man arrested after alleged domestic violence

Facing criminal charges can lead to an array of thoughts running through an accused party’s mind. They not know what legal steps would be right for their situation and might also be uncertain as to how to learn more. Luckily, legal resources are often available to those who may be facing charges for domestic...
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Posted February 12, 2014

Alleged restraining order violation leads to charges in Colorado

In some cases, a couple’s relationship can become one that is more fraught with arguments and anger rather than happiness. While many couples can face difficulties, some situations can escalate into one party feeling the need to gain a restraining order against another party. In some cases, such a protective order may come about...
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Posted February 5, 2014

Colorado driver taken into custody for DUI after hit and run

Driving under the influence is a mistake that an unfortunate number of individuals make every day. In some cases, these mistakes can result in a serious accident taking place that could involve someone losing their life. However, there could be other circumstances that could contribute to a DUI accident, and authorities should investigate a...
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