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Posted December 27, 2021

Is It a Crime to Pick Up Someone’s Prescription Meds For Them?

You’re visiting family or friends in Breckenridge over the holidays. Maybe you’re picking up some last-minute gifts at the neighborhood drug store when your mom texts you and asks if you’ll pick up a refill for her Xanax that’s ready while you’re there. Perhaps your brother broke his leg skiing. His doctor called in...
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Posted December 22, 2021

When can possession turn into a bigger charge in Colorado?

Colorado has experienced a surge in drug-related deaths in 2020 and 2021, which has caused lawmakers to call for reviews of current laws and the implementation of new ones.Because of the danger presented to state residents, policymakers are stepping in to attempt to reverse this devastating course of action.What is causing the rise in...
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Posted December 13, 2021

What you should know about Colorado’s shoplifting laws

There’s been a lot of media coverage lately about brazen, violent invasions and thefts involving retailers on pricey Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills to home improvement superstores. However, individual cases of shoplifting are far more common.In addition to stepped-up security around the holidays, most retailers have surveillance equipment throughout their stores and anti-theft devices...
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Posted December 2, 2021

Can I testify in my own criminal case?

Facing criminal charges is a big deal. If you are charged with a criminal offense in Colorado, you might be wondering how best you can defend yourself and get out of trouble. And one of the questions you are likely to grapple with is whether or not you should testify in your own criminal...
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