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Posted October 27, 2018

Get informed to avoid violating a protective order

Unfortunately, domestic violence is a problem in many Colorado cities. However, there are times when accusations of domestic violence are completely false, even though the alleged offender is served with a protective order. As defense attorneys, we know how unfounded domestic violence allegations combined with protective orders can be a recipe for disaster. Alleged...
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Posted October 26, 2018

Did police accuse you of disorderly conduct?

Anytime two or more people gather together, there is a chance that someone else may consider it a nuisance or disturbance. If the police respond to a call regarding loud noise or some other kind of raucous, you could find yourself facing arrest.Police often use a charge such as disorderly conduct when they can’t...
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Posted October 25, 2018

Prescription drug charges can put a damper on your vacation plans

The 2018-2019 ski season here in Breckenridge is just around the corner. As you plan your trip, you may want to take into consideration whether you will need to refill any prescription medications, or what you will do if something happens and you need a medication while away from home and your regular doctor.It...
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Posted October 18, 2018

Colorado launches anti-impaired driving campaign

The state of Colorado and a number of state agencies have launched a campaign to highlight the dangers of drugged driving. An average of more than 60 people each day are arrested in Colorado on impaired driving charges, the Colorado Department of Transportation (DOT) reported. In Colorado, a drunk driving charge applies to more...
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Posted October 12, 2018

Understanding U.S. crime: 5 key facts

If you’re wondering about the state of crime in America, it is very important to look at the facts and figures. They tell a very different story than what you may see on the news or on social media. Here are five key facts to start with: 1. Geography matters. Looking at total statistics...
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Posted October 8, 2018

Four out of five college students drink alcohol

If you’re are 21 or older and are attending a college or university in Colorado, you are not necessarily breaking any laws if you consume alcohol. Of course, this is assuming you are adhering to all state regulations governing the matter at the time. If you down a six-pack then get behind the wheel...
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Posted October 4, 2018

Are criminal mischief charges in Colorado serious?

Anytime you or a loved one face criminal charges, the matter is serious and in need of a serious approach. Even the most seemingly minor charges can quickly devolve into a legal situation that may affect your life, your freedom and your finances. While criminal mischief sounds like a minor infraction without serious consequences,...
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