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Posted July 29, 2018

Man gets DUI charges after accident on ‘expert-only’ road

A man from Colorado is now facing DUI charges after he was involved in an accident out on Black Bear Pass. That road, which stretches from Silverton to Telluride, is a dangerous mountain road that has a lot of steep edges and narrow areas. It is considered a high-clearance road for four-wheel drive vehicles...
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Posted July 28, 2018

Alcohol can cause marital problems, legal problems or both

Are you an occasional social drinker? Perhaps you enjoy having a nice cold beer or glass of wine when you meet up with friends for a game of cards or to go to a sporting event in your town. Then again, maybe you consume alcohol several times a week as part of your usual...
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Posted July 26, 2018

Should you comply if Colorado police request field sobriety test?

If you’re like most Colorado drivers, you’ll likely experience a traffic stop at some point in your driving career. Perhaps you’ve already had to pay a fine or two in the past for traveling a bit over a posted speed limit or some other minor infraction. If a police officer pulls you over, it’s...
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Posted July 20, 2018

Study claims you probably commit 3 daily felonies

You think of yourself as a law-abiding citizen. You never knowingly break the law. You do not mind the rules. You are respectful to police officers. When you read about other people getting arrested, you just shake your head, unable to believe it.Many people feel this way, but some experts believe the feeling is...
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Posted July 13, 2018

Man gets probation and work-release after DUI accident

Back in December, a man in Colorado was arrested after reportedly driving drunk and hitting a cyclist. Reports show that he apparently drove away from the accident scene. He is 42 years old. It took until now for that man’s sentence to be handed down, and it is a great example of how many...
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Posted July 12, 2018

Facing trafficking or possession charges in Colorado?

Many situations in life can have long-lasting negative repercussions. Facing drug charges is definitely one of them. Whether you are among thousands of others in Colorado who struggle with drug addiction or have made some poor choices and became involved with activities you later regretted, or you believe you’ve been the victim of a...
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Posted July 5, 2018

Can you get arrested if your spouse is a criminal?

People do not always know the individuals they marry quite as well as they think they do. What if your spouse turns out to be a career criminal? If the law catches up with your spouse, could you also get arrested? There are cases where this has happened, especially if the other spouse was...
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