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Posted August 26, 2013

2 Colorado teens suspected of alleged criminal activity

Many people look back on their younger and teenage years and agree that they did not always make the best decisions. Many of those decisions may not have ended in legal trouble, but for some, mistakes left them suspected of alleged criminal activity. Such accusations could follow young people for the rest of their...
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Posted August 21, 2013

Information on assault defense could benefit Colorado man

After being charged with a crime, a person can suddenly feel caught up in a whirlwind of needing to make many important decisions as to how to proceed. A lot of information may need to be gathered and options explored in a seemingly short period of time. Accounts of events and strategies can make...
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Posted August 14, 2013

Colorado man wrongfully convicted of murder may get compensation

Being charged with a crime that the accused did not commit can be a harrowing situation. When the innocent person is convicted of the crime, the situation can move from distressing to an almost unreal state. Being convicted of serious crimes such as murder changes a person’s entire life in a significantly negative way....
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Posted August 6, 2013

Colorado family charged with a crime after alleged road rage

Many drivers can become frustrated with other drivers on the roadways. This frustration typically ends with muttering under their breath or a few exasperated glances, but in some cases, there are drivers and passengers who experience severe road rage. When a driver experiences road rage, their frustration mounts and a serious situation can quickly...
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