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Posted February 24, 2022

What does it mean when a sentence is suspended?

Courts have several different sentencing options to choose from when a person is convicted of a crime. In some cases, the judge in a case might give a person a specific sentence and then note that it’s suspended. This doesn’t mean that the person is getting out of having to serve their sentence. Instead, it’s...
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Posted February 19, 2022

DUIs and student financial aid

Like many other college students on winter or spring break, you probably want to let loose and enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two. However, if you make the mistake of getting behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated, you could face serious consequences, including an injury or arrest.If you rely on loans or...
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Posted February 9, 2022

Avoid these costly mistakes if you have been accused of domestic violence

Colorado, like most states, takes domestic violence very seriously. If there are claims of domestic violence against you, chances are you will be arrested and prosecuted.  Thanks to the harsh penalties associated with a conviction, it is not uncommon for the accused party to want to go to every length to clear their name and...
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