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Posted March 24, 2016

Your DUI: How an officer can stop and arrest you

If you’re stopped and have to take a field sobriety test, you’re going to want to consider the ways you can defend yourself if you’re found to be intoxicated. There are a few times when the police can pull you over, and it’s also important to know when the stop wasn’t legal. For instance,...
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Posted March 18, 2016

Domestic violence: The statistics

It’s true that domestic violence is an epidemic within the United States, but it’s also true that many people are accused of being involved in domestic violence disputes without actually having committed a crime. Whether it’s someone trying to get back at someone else or a misunderstood situation coming to light, not all charges...
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Posted March 10, 2016

You can fight drug charges and work toward a reduced sentence

Heroin is a serious drug that is illegal throughout the United States. The drug is illegal in both state and federal laws, so if you’re caught with it, you need to have a strong defense for your actions. Possessing heroin is a Class 3 felony the first time you’re caught. If you’re caught with...
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Posted March 2, 2016

Drinking and driving: Facts about your blood alcohol levels

Are you being accused of drinking and driving? It’s important that you get the chance to defend yourself, and to do that, you need to know everything you can about the laws surrounding drunk driving. With your attorney’s help, you can look at your case, your blood alcohol levels, and even how you’ve been...
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