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Posted July 23, 2021

What does it mean to be indicted?

People who are being investigated for criminal charges sometimes learn that their case is going to go before a grand jury. This means that a group of people will review the evidence in the case to determine whether the prosecution has a reasonably sufficient case against them or not.If the grand jury determines that...
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Drugged DUIs: 3 Things for soft drug consuming drivers to know

While Colorado’s relaxed drug laws are good news for consumers of soft recreational substances like cannabis, the legality of consumption does not extend to driving. In other words, it is best not to eat or smoke any form of tetrahydrocannabinol, the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis, whenever in a vehicle.When a police officer pulls...
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Posted July 9, 2021

Avoid accidentally incriminating yourself with law enforcement

Those convicted for serious felonies like murder or felony DUI typically face harsh penalties in Colorado. For example, a first-degree assault conviction could result in up to 24 years of imprisonment.When dealing with law enforcement, you could accidentally implicate yourself in a crime, even when not already under suspicion. Say that the police pull...
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Posted July 2, 2021

What are possible consequences for missing a court date?

It is understandable that you may attach some dread to the process of going to court for criminal charges. However, the possible ramifications of failing to comply with an order to appear should be a far more worrisome prospect.If you are facing criminal charges, you have to be present when a court hears your...
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