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Posted August 25, 2015

DUI arrests are sometimes made illegally

Drunk driving may be illegal, but that does not mean that all arrests made for driving under the influence actually fall within the law. There have been some fairly high-profile cases in which illegal arrests have been made. For instance, one man claimed that the police used entrapment to arrest him. He knew that...
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Posted August 19, 2015

Changes in types of felonies leading to jail time

Most people serving time for felonies will do so in a federal prison, though those with short sentences — one year or less — may end up in jail, serving their time beside those who have been convicted of misdemeanors. It’s interesting to look back over the decades to see how the types of...
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Posted August 14, 2015

After friend dies, man is arrested for having marijuana

A man from Texas came to Colorado and purchased marijuana. Police are now saying that his intent was to take it back to Texas, where it is not legal, after making the legal purchase out of state. He’s been arrested on these charges while still in Colorado. The whole thing came about in a...
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Posted August 6, 2015

Police can wait by a bar to give you a DUI

The police cannot entrap you or coerce you into committing a crime that you wouldn’t otherwise have committed, and then arrest you for it. However, they can do some things that people mistakenly think of as entrapment, such as waiting outside of a bar for people to come out, get in their cars and...
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