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Posted March 31, 2020

Domestic violence puts women’s lives at great risk

While the women’s rights movement has improved the standard of living and quality of life for women in America, violence against women is still common. Murder-suicides make frequent appearances in the news, as do cases of women and their family members killed after fleeing a violent partner.NPR cites a CDC study that estimates that...
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Posted March 26, 2020

How does Colorado define theft?

Colorado law defines theft very broadly. In fact, if you face theft charges, the specific charge could be virtually anything from simple shoplifting of something worth under $50 to grand larceny of something worth over $1 million. As FindLaw explains, any theft charge requires only the following three elements: You knowingly obtain, retain or control an item. You...
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Posted March 25, 2020

What is substance use disorder?

Many individuals who commit drug-related crimes struggle with substance use disorder. With this condition, abuse of drugs or alcohol causes problems with home, school, work, the law or one’s health. Learn more about how addiction can impact your life and the life of a loved one. Symptoms of substance use disorder People who have this condition may have different...
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Posted March 17, 2020

Do you understand the field sobriety test?

Field sobriety tests determine driver impairment. The purpose behind a field sobriety test, according to AAA, is to assess your coordination and balance and to determine sobriety. These results are admissible in court. While the tests are difficult to pass if intoxicated, there are reasons why you may fail the test without touching a...
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Posted March 16, 2020

The facts on heroin and opiate addiction in Colorado

Abuse of heroin and prescription opiates is a pervasive public health problem across the United States. Individuals facing a court date for an addiction-related crime in Colorado may qualify for substance use treatment in lieu of jail time. Learn more about the scope of this issue in the state, and steps to take if you struggle with heroin...
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