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Posted May 26, 2015

Murder charges: What does it mean to plead insanity?

If an accused individual can successfully plead insanity as a part of his or her defense against murder charges, it might be possible to achieve a verdict of not guilty. In other outcomes, a successful insanity plea might result in a conviction, but achieve a dramatic reduction in sentencing. In the article that follows,...
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Posted May 22, 2015

What is my defense when charged with drug possession?

Getting accused of drug possession is frightening. You can be ostracized by your family and friends and you could even lose your job and become unemployed. Having a good attorney in your corner can make a huge difference in the outcome of these charges. Some of the defenses that an experienced lawyer will use...
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Posted May 15, 2015

Mud-covered man arrested after allegedly invading 4 homes

A man covered in mud was arrested in early May after he allegedly invaded four homes and hit a policeman with a chair. The incident happened in Colorado Springs. Police claim the man first invaded one home, and then invaded three other homes while they were pursuing him. By the time authorities arrested him,...
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Posted May 8, 2015

Numbers and trends for drunk driving

The U.S. Department of Transportation records statistics regarding drunk driving accidents, both as they pertain to the drivers themselves and to pedestrians, and examining the numbers can expose some of the greater trends over the years. While these are national numbers and trends, similar stats can be expected in Colorado. First of all, about...
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