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Posted April 30, 2021

What medicines may register false positives in drug tests?

You might be in the process of applying for a job or law enforcement may approach you on suspicion that you have illegal drugs in your possession. Whatever the situation, a drug test may be in your future. While a test might show that you have not ingested illegal substances, it could cause you...
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Posted April 22, 2021

Civil vs. mandatory protection orders

When there is suspected domestic violence, a protection order often comes into play. Also known as a restraining order, this protects the victim from the accused perpetrator.There are different types of protection orders, and two are civil and mandatory. The individual who receives one of these orders must follow its instructions or face certain...
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Posted April 2, 2021

How can a criminal conviction affect your future?

Not all crimes carry the same gravity of consequences. However, even relatively minor infractions could cause you some long-lasting repercussions. Jail time may seem like the most serious consequence of criminal charges. However, there are many other long-term consequences that do not go into effect until after you have served your sentence. ProbationEven if you do not...
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