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Posted February 25, 2015

Man accused of gravesite robberies in Colorado faces charges

On Feb. 12, law enforcement officials apprehended a man whom they believe is responsible for stealing more than 200 bronze headstone vases from Fairmount Cemetery graves. The funeral vases were allegedly worth $30,000.According to the report, the 46-year-old man had broken down the vases into pieces and was attempting to sell the metal at...
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Posted February 17, 2015

Harassment offenses in Colorado

People may be charged with the crime of harassment in Colorado if they do such things as strike, hit, shove or physically contact another person with the intent to cause the person alarm or to annoy them. Harassment may also be charged if a person uses obscene language or makes obscene gestures towards another...
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Posted February 13, 2015

Understanding Colorado domestic violence statutes

In Colorado, police are required by law to take someone into custody if officers respond to a dispute call and then determine that a criminal act has taken place. If the individuals who are involved in the incident are, or were, in a romantic relationship, then the incident may be categorized as domestic violence....
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Posted February 4, 2015

Defending against a Colorado DUI charge

Many Colorado drivers do not realize that DUI is a defensible charge. There is a number of good and valid reasons a person who would not otherwise drive while intoxicated may do so, and that may cause the charges to be reduced or even dismissed. While every DUI case is different, it is possible...
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