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Posted June 29, 2016

What are open container laws?

There are times when everyone of legal age takes home beer or alcohol in their vehicles. There are times when you may carry alcohol home from the store. These actions aren’t crimes, but they can quickly get you in trouble if the containers are open. Open container laws are specifically designed to stop individuals...
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Posted June 24, 2016

Man kills old woman, may have compromised mental health

Is it fair to penalize someone who is not mentally sound for a crime, no matter how heinous? If you’re not aware of what you’re doing or that it’s wrong, how can you be charged for that act? This can be a solid defense, particularly if you struggle with mental health concerns. In this...
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Posted June 16, 2016

How does an attorney work to defend your domestic violence case?

When you’re accused of domestic violence, you need to defend yourself immediately. How does your attorney look at your case, though, and what makes him or her understand your situation? How can he help you defend yourself? Your attorney is trained to help you defend your case; an attorney asks you questions to determine...
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Posted June 9, 2016

Changes to Colorado’s laws create felony drunk driving charges

When you leave a bar or have had a few drinks at home, you may underestimate how much you had. Maybe you were fine and were stopped by the police for another traffic violation that then led to accusations of drunk driving. Whatever the cause of the charges against you was, it’s important that...
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Posted June 3, 2016

You have rights when you’re stopped for driving while intoxicated

Bring charged with drunk driving can make it impossible for you to get back behind the wheel. Many times, those who are arrested and convicted of this crime have their driving licenses suspended, making it impossible for them to drive legally. This can impact your ability to hold down a job. Having a conviction...
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