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Posted April 29, 2013

Colorado man accused of DUI, hit-and-run faces multiple charges

Getting into a car accident inevitably causes stress. For drivers who know they were at fault in the accident, that stress level is certain to be higher. And when illegal activity is a contributing factor, it can be all too tempting to avoid the consequences by driving or running away after the crash. But as one...
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Posted April 26, 2013

Colorado AG announces sentence for repeat car thief

A Colorado man was sentenced earlier this month for a series of car thefts. This case involved a white-collar twist as well; the defendant did not simply steal cars by hotwiring them and driving off into the sunset, but used an elaborate scheme, resulting in additional charges of defrauding a secured creditor and computer...
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Posted April 18, 2013

Colorado still working on THC DUI limits

In the past we’ve written about Colorado’s efforts to set a clear standard for determining impairment in cases of driving while impaired by marijuana. In November Colorado passed Amendment 64, which made it legal for adults over the age of 21 to buy, possess and use limited quantities of marijuana. Some believe that legalizing...
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Posted April 12, 2013

Outdated adultery law to come off the books in Colorado

90 days after the Colorado legislative session adjourns in May the state will likely put a number of new laws into practice. Among those laws will be a repeal of the state’s ban on adultery. House Bill 1166 would repeal the state’s adultery statute. Adultery, or sexual conduct outside the bonds of marriage, was...
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Posted April 4, 2013

DA seeks death penalty for James Holmes

Last week we discussed a recent failed attempt to repeal the death penalty in Colorado, which failed to make it out of a committee after Gov. John Hickenlooper expressed doubts about the initiative. Despite a nationwide trend of falling support for capital punishment, it remains an option in Colorado for the time being. The...
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