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Posted March 29, 2019

Explaining an aggravated felony

An aggravated felony is a serious crime that can prevent you from remaining in the country if you have any type of immigration status. Should you be convicted of an aggravated felony, you will lose your chance for asylum and naturalization on a permanent basis. There is no form of appeal once you are...
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Posted March 22, 2019

Explaining Colorado criminal traffic charges

The majority of tickets issued by police officers to drivers are minor in nature. They are known as infractions. These infractions often deal with nonmoving violations, mechanical violations and moving violations that are of the nondangerous nature. But, what happens when a driver is issued a criminal traffic ticket with a misdemeanor or more...
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Posted March 19, 2019

What can you expect if facing assault charges in Colorado?

Facing criminal charges of any kind is daunting. If charged with assault, you may be unsure of what exactly what that means or what kind of penalties you could be facing. Assault crimes range in severity, and it is beneficial for your defense to know what you are up against and how you can...
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Posted March 15, 2019

How do I protect my future after driving under the influence?

Being arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in Colorado can change your life in an instant. You might not be able to return to work if you hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL) or are required to drive a company vehicle. This means you could have trouble finding employment and taking...
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Posted March 8, 2019

Submit a successful application for Colorado medical marijuana

If you need to apply for medical marijuana in Colorado you will want to ensure that your application is complete upon submission the first time. If it is incomplete, you will wind up having the application denied, and you will need to resubmit. Joining the Colorado medical marijuana registry allows you to carry medicinal...
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Posted March 4, 2019

Doctor shopping can lead to serious criminal trouble

If you suffer an injury or have a surgical procedure, chances are your doctor prescribed a pain medication. The more serious your situation, the more powerful the pain killer you may need. An experienced doctor knows what to prescribe, the dose, how often you should take it and for how long. Your prescription may...
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Posted March 1, 2019

How domestic violence allegations damage your reputation

Allegations of domestic violence can significantly impact your reputation. If the allegations turn into charges, your reputation might take a major hit. You might have trouble speaking to friends and family. You might get the cold shoulder at your place of employment. You could even lose your job. Let’s take a look at the...
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