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Posted March 29, 2018

Heroin addiction can have health and legal impacts

You likely did not plan on becoming a drug addict at any point in your life. From a young age, you may have known that certain substances could have detrimental effects on your body and life overall. Of course, you could have found yourself pressured into trying a substance “just once,” turning to drugs...
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Posted March 23, 2018

What not to do when falsely accused of abuse

You’ve been accused of abuse by a family member. You know you didn’t do anything wrong, and you think the other person has an ulterior motive. For instance, perhaps your spouse is using the accusations as a way to get full custody of the children during divorce. You may feel outraged at these accusations,...
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Posted March 13, 2018

A DUI arrest must start with reasonable suspicion

When do you think a DUI arrest really begins? Is it with the traffic stop? Or does it start with the field sobriety tests or the breath test? These are all key components, but the reality is that it starts with reasonable suspicion. The officer believes that the driver in question has broken the...
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Posted March 8, 2018

Ex-mayor threatened son with gun while trying to drive drunk

A man who used to be the mayor of Kiowa, Colorado, was recently sentenced after he pointed a firearm at his teenage son. The man was reportedly drunk and planning to drive. His son stopped him, and that’s when he got out the gun and threatened him. The former mayor is 45 years old....
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