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Posted April 22, 2022

Driving and drugs: What you need to know

Drivers have to be in the proper mental and physical condition to drive. Any impairing factors can render them unsafe to drive. While most people may think about alcohol when they hear about impaired driving, it’s also possible for drugs to cause this effect.You may not realize this, but all drugs, including those that...
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Posted April 13, 2022

Can you get fired for off-duty marijuana use?

Both medicinal and recreational marijuana is legal in many states, and these states afford both residents and visitors a fair amount of legal protection. However, the laws governing the state of Colorado may not be the same as those in your home state.Employees of any company are subject to the rules of an employee...
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Posted April 6, 2022

4 consequences of a domestic violence conviction

In Colorado, domestic violence isn’t a crime in and of itself. It is tucked onto your charges as an enhancement if determined that the crime stemmed from domestic violence. This could lengthen your prison or probation sentence and increase any penalties you may be facing.A domestic violence conviction is not to be taken lightly...
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